Dayana is an 16 year old girl that lives in Arizona with her parents. On the summer she is going to her auntie´s Rose house in Holmes Chapel to help her with the small pet shop she had there because her parent think she is getting very rebel and in all the process she meet Liam Payne that is visiting some of his friends there and they know that is some especial connection between them. But it will be hard for her to fall for Liam knowing that he is with Danielle?


1. Situation in the school

I woke up by the sound of gold rush by Ed Sheeran playing in my phone. I tuned it off and made myself up for another boring school day. Another day avoiding my ex-boyfriend Carl that enjoys to see angry talking with my ex-friends, if I could call them like that, all around in school. I´m getting tired of it and of my family problems, sometimes they can make me cry and even notice it. It sucks.

I wish I could have a boyfriend that cares about me; being loved is all I am asking for. I want someone that would stay with me no matter how I am physically, or how many problems do I have. A few weeks ago a boy of my class asked me to go out with him, but I didn´t like him more as friends, so I didn´t touch the subject since that and my mom asked me that why am I suffering if there is a boy who actually cares about me and wants me, but things are very different. I don´t like him in that way since I first meet him, he is a great guy, but he is not my type and I don´t think I could see him in that way ether. I want a boyfriend that can protect m, love me, cares about me and I know I am going to sound selfish, but also someone handsome. Is it too much to ask for? 


"Here it goes, another day in hell and hopefully  also the last one."  

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