Dayana is an 16 year old girl that lives in Arizona with her parents. On the summer she is going to her auntie´s Rose house in Holmes Chapel to help her with the small pet shop she had there because her parent think she is getting very rebel and in all the process she meet Liam Payne that is visiting some of his friends there and they know that is some especial connection between them. But it will be hard for her to fall for Liam knowing that he is with Danielle?


4. Chapter 4


Later that night I was thinking about what my parents told me. It is not that I have election though, so what it´s the point? I packed and clean a little bit my bedroom, and then I decided to take a bath and relax a bit.  I was thinking about Sam and the trip, so I called her and explain the situation. Luckily she wasn´t mad at me… well not at all.

I lay down in my bed and closed my eyes. Tomorrow maybe would be interesting. I don’t know, but I have some positive mind about this. 


I woke up by the voice of the captain telling that we are here. I took my bag and exited the plane, when I was about to pick up my luggage I saw my auntie already there with my things. She received me with a hug and told me things about that I was older and blah blah blah.

I looked out the window of the house of my auntie, I love the rain. I don’t know it is like it has something special on me, sometimes I think about a kiss in the rain, it would be perfect. Perfect, for my first kiss. Suddenly I thought of my last boyfriend Carl and fell like tear up, I don´t give a fuck why he was like that with me?  What did I do wrong for him to be like that with me? I wish I would know. Suddenly I was kicked off my thoughts by my auntie that was in the door with a cup of tea.

“I thought that you maybe wanted a cup of tea.” She said playing the cup on the desk with flowers in front of me. I turned my head because I didn´t wanted to her see me cry.

She hug me and stroke my hair, till I fell asleep.

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