Another World: Still The One

Another World: Still The One is Part 2 of Another World: Summer Love. In Still The One, Kim is alive and reborn as a vampire. She goes back to school where she reunites with Harry in class. Kim twistes the story of her dying to the group and they believe her. Read on and see how Kim's new persona almost ruins for herself.


4. 1.4

Eleanor: Where have you been Louis? 

Louis: What are you talking about? 

Eleanor: You're hardly at school and not just that, but you haven't been talking to any of us. What's going on? 

Louis: I just have been busy researching. 

Liam: Researching? 

Louis: History, but I have to go because *sees kim* Oh look it's Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* Hey guys. 

Zayn: Kim, where have you been? We been worried sick about you. 

Kim: Was grounded. 

Liam: What for? 

Kim: Look, Danielle, I'm sorry I came at you like that. I really just wanted to see if you were ok. I never wanted to hurt you or anything like that. 

Danielle: No, it's ok. I'm fine, I'm not dead. *chuckles* 

Kim: But really I apologize. 

Danielle: It's ok Kim. 

Perrie: Just say apology accepted Dani. *smiles* 

Danielle: *smiles funny* Ok, apology accepted Kim. *goes and hugs kim* Wow, you are cold? Do you have a fever? 

Kim: Fever? No, I don't. 

Niall: Maybe you need to see a doctor. 

Louis: See a doctor? Her foster father is a doctor Niall. 

Niall: Oh that's right, why don't you tell him Kim, we don't want you sick. 

Kim: I'm not sick, I can't get sick actually. 

Liam: Can't get sick? Well yeah, your fathers a doctor silly. *chuckles* 

Kim: *chuckles* Yes, exactly Liam, thank you for understanding. 

Harry: *walks in the café* Kim? 

Kim: *smiles* Harry. 

Harry: I wasn't expecting you to be back so soon. 

Zayn: So soon? 

Kim: You knew about it? 

Harry: Not exactly, you're father just said you'll be gone for a month, it's not even a month yet, you still have three more days. 

Kim: Maybe I just got lucky. 

Liam: Louis, didn't you have somewhere to be? 

Louis: Me? No, why? 

Liam: Before Kim got here you said you had somewhere to be. 

Louis: Oh no, I can do that after class, it's not important. 

Niall: History is important. 

Eleanor: Since when did you take History? 

Louis: Last week. 

Eleanor: You can do that? 

Louis: Yes, for me eventually. 

Kim: So what were you doing at camp exactly that day? 

Louis: Camp? Duh, to see the memories we had, the lake, the running, the getting pushed around. 

Zayn: C'mon Louis, those were bad memories; I thought we promised not to bring them up again. 

Louis: I'm sorry, it won't happen again. 

Kim: *looks at Louis* 

Amy: Oh my gosh, your nose! It's bleeding Jessica. 

Jessica: *touches her nose* What? *panics* Grab me napkins! 

Amy: *goes and grabs napkins* 

Kim: *eyes turn red* 

Louis: *sees kims eyes change* 

Kim: *leaves the café quick* 

Danielle: Where is Kim going? 

Kim: *grabs her plasma drink and drinks it* 

Louis: Eleanor, we need to break up. 

Eleanor: *fakes a chuckle* What? 

Louis: I'm breaking up with you. 

Eleanor: Why?  

Louis: I just can't be with you anymore Eleanor, I lost interest in you.  

Eleanor: Lost interest in me? *wants to cry* 

Louis: That explains why I went to camp, to see if I can fall in love again with you, but apparently it's not working. 

Eleanor: Why would you go to camp Louis? 

Louis: Because that's when I loved you most. 

Eleanor: *cries* I'm hurt Louis. 

Louis: I'm sorry. *gets up and leaves* 

Kim: *walks out the restroom* 

Eleanor: *runs outside after louis* 

Louis: *sees kim* Kim. 

Kim: Louis? 

Louis: *walks to kim and kisses her* 

Kim: *shocked* 

Eleanor: *hurt in tears* 

Perrie: Eleanor wait! *sees Louis kissing kim* 

Zayn: Perrie, wai... *sees Louis kissing kim* 

Niall: Zayn! *sees Louis and kim kissing* 

Liam: Niall! C'mon Dani. *holds dani's hand and sees Louis and kim kissing* 

Harry: *walks out slowly and sees Louis kissing kim* 

Louis: *looks at kim and smiles in tears* 

Eleanor: *hurt* How could you Louis? 

Louis: *fakes a smile in tears* Remember you saying Kim and I look good together, well I'm sorry, but I fell in love with her. *grabs kims hand and walks off* 

Eleanor: *cries to her knees* 

Harry: *hurt badly* Louis! *grabs louis's arm and looks him in the eyes* 

Louis: *smiles and pushes harry's arm off him* I'll see you later Harry. *walks off with kim*

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