Another World: Still The One

Another World: Still The One is Part 2 of Another World: Summer Love. In Still The One, Kim is alive and reborn as a vampire. She goes back to school where she reunites with Harry in class. Kim twistes the story of her dying to the group and they believe her. Read on and see how Kim's new persona almost ruins for herself.


3. 1.3

Elizabeth: Hey honey, how was school? 

Kim: It was pretty good. Dad, can I ask you something? 

Dave: Sure honey, what is it? 

Kim: Did you know Zac was living here.  

Dave: Zac? Living here, as in this town? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Dave: I didn't know. 

Kim: And did you know Brad Thompson was killed. 

Dave: When? 

Kim: Eight months after he moved to NY. 

Dave: I didn't know, I'm sorry, honey. 

Kim: I deserve to go there and pay respect to him. He's probably looking for me in heaven still. 

Dave: Don't forget, you are dead Kim. 

Kim: Right, I keep forgetting. 

Dave: What'd you learn in school? 

Kim: That I should be dating Louis as what his girlfriend said. 

Elizabeth: What? 

Kim: Yeah, I know, it's crazy, but I'm gonna go visit the friends at their place, I might be home late so don't wait for me. 

Dave: Kim, you are underage still. 

Kim: Dad, I'm nineteen now. 

Dave: You stopped aging at age seventeen; therefore, you are still illegal to be out late. 

Kim: Mom, tell him! 

Dave: No, no, it doesn't work like that Kim. Don't you dare use your power. 

Kim: I thought you said it was ok as along as it wasn't in the open. 

Dave: I'm your father Kim. 

Kim: And I'm over eighteen. *walks off* 

Dave: *runs in front of kim* I don't think so Kim. 

Kim: Dad! It'll be ok; I know how to control my thirst and my powers. 

Elizabeth: I'm sure she'll be fine. 

Dave: *sighs* Fine, go. 

Kim: *leaves* 

Eleanor: Kim, you made it. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Yeah, I did, had a long talk, but I made it and here I am. 

Eleanor: Would you like some beer? 

Kim: Beer? I don't think I'm old enough to drink. 

Eleanor: It's ok, I'll be fine Kim. 

Kim: I don't drink; it can mess up my body. 

Zayn: She doesn't have to drink. Come join us Kim. 

Kim: *walks with zayn* 

Harry: Kim! *hugs kim* You're here, I thought you couldn't come? 

Kim: Yeah, I went through hell. *fakes a chuckle* 

Niall: Well, we're glad you're here hanging out with us tonight. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Danielle: Look what I bought us, a cake. *smiles big* 

Perrie: It looks delicious, doesn't it Kim? *smiles* 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Yes, it does.  

Danielle: *staples at the bottom of the board pokes her finger* Ow. *sets the cake on the table* I'll be back, I'm gonna go look for a bandage. *leaves* 

Kim: I can't wait to have a... *smells blood and looks for Danielle* 

Dave: Control your thirst Kim! 

Kim: *tries to control her thirst* 

Perrie: Kim? Are you ok? 

Kim: *finds danielle* 

Dave: *bangs on the door* 

Louis: Who is that? 

Liam: I'll open it. *opens the door* 

Kim: *looking straight at danielle* 

Danielle: Umm? 

Liam: Dr. Austin? 

Dave: Kim! Now, let's go! 

Kim: *runs towards Danielle* 

Dave: *pushes kim away* 

Kim: *flies across the room* 

Dave: *runs to kim and picks her up* Now, let's go. 

Kim: *tries to break free* 

Dave: Take Danielle out of this room now! 

Liam: *runs to Danielle and takes her to the bathroom* Are you ok? 

Danielle: Yeah, but what just happened out there? 

Liam: I don't know, but as long as you're fine, then good. *looks at danielle's hand* Let me grab a Band-Aid. 

Dave: I'm disappointed in you Kim! 

Kim: I'm sorry dad! 

Dave: You almost killed Danielle tonight! 

Kim: I was trying to control it, but I don't know what happened! 

Dave: I told you to control it didn't I!? 

Kim: I couldn't help it when it smelled so good. 

Elizabeth: It's ok, it was an accident. 

Kim: See! 

Dave: You are grounded, no school for a month! 

Kim: What! You can't do that. 

Dave: I'll call in tomorrow. 

Kim: Dad, it's college! I can get drop from those classes! Do you want me to fail or what!? 

Dave: I will talk to your teachers! *leaves* 

Kim: *frustrated* 

Harry: Hey, have you guys seen Kim anywhere? 

Liam: No, why? 

Harry: I didn't get a chance to talk to her much yesterday, I can't find her anywhere. 

Louis: Maybe she's in trouble, her other foster father was pretty upset with her. 

Eleanor: How did he get here so fast? 

Danielle: She ran towards me guys! She was aiming and looking at me for the longest and the moment her father got here, she ran for me. 

Perrie: I'm sure she just wanted to see if you were ok. 

Eleanor: Her father was pretty harsh; he should get arrested for that. No doctors should be doing that. 

Niall: Hey, look it's Kim's dad. 

Harry: *runs out the café* Dr. Austin. 

Dave: Dave. 

Harry: Dave, listen I'm sorry things didn't go as plan as yesterday, I know that... 

Dave: She's grounded. She won't be coming to school for a month. 

Louis: I'll be back guys. 

Eleanor: Where are you going? 

Louis: What do you think? *gets up and leaves* 

Harry: She cannot be missing school for a month! That's crazy! She'll do poorly then. 

Dave: I'm her father, not you. 

Harry: You know nevermind. *leaves* 

Louis: *sees dave and follows him* 

Dave: *gets in the car and leaves* 

Louis: *follows dave* 

Zayn: Where's Louis? 

Harry: What? 

Liam: Didn't he come after you? 

Harry: No, I didn't see him at all. 

Niall: Are you sure? He went the same direction you came from. 

Harry: Yeah, I'm serious, I didn't see him. 

Eleanor: That's weird, where would he have gone? *gets up and leaves* 

Dave: *gets out the car and enters the house* 

Louis: Wow, what in the bloody hell. Why do they live so far from town? *sees kim walking* Shoot. *reverses and drives off* 

Kim: Dad, I'm gonna go for a walk. 

Dave: To where? 

Kim: To camp, maybe I'll run into Zac. 

Dave: What do you think Zac's reaction gonna be when he sees you. Shocked, scared, confused? 

Kim: Happy and shocked. 

Dave: Don't risk it. 

Kim: Dad, it'll be ok. 

Dave: That's what you said the last time. 

Kim: That wasn't part of the plan dad, you know that. You know I would never attack Danielle. 

Dave: Explain why you would run towards her. 

Kim: Really dad, you're gonna ask that. 

Elizabeth: It's ok honey, let's give her another chance. 

Dave: Tell Zac, I said hi. 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks. *leaves* 

Zac: Alright class, five laps around the lake and around camp. C'mon Chad. 

Chad: I'm trying. 

Zac: Look, if you want to be fit or want a good career, you have to do this. 

Chad: I'm gonna finish this! *running off* 

Zac: *smiles* Atta boy. *turns around and sees kim* Whoa! *shocked* K... Kim? 

Kim: *smiles* 

Zac: I'm so sorry that your spirit still lingers here. I wish I would have protected you, but was too late and far from you. 

Kim: Zac, I'm not dead. 

Zac: *confused/scared* What? Dr. Austin said you were. 

Kim: *puts her finger on zacs lips* Shhh, no, it was a lie. 

Zac: You didn't have a pulse Kim and why are your hands so cold? 

Kim: Zac, there's something I need to tell you, but you can't panic. 

Zac: I don't know about this, you should leave or else the class might think I'm crazy talking to myself. *walking off* 

Kim: Zac, it's really me. I'm not dead. Dr. Austin, helped saved my life! 

Zac: *turns around* You're just a spirit Kim, you're just a spirit that still lingers here on this camp because you're not happy and why is this the first time I see your spirit. 

Kim: Please, just listen to me Zac! *grabs zacs arm* 

Zac: *looks at kim in the eyes* 

Kim: Zac, I am dead. 

Zac: Ok, your spirit is starting to scare me. 

Kim: I'm also not dead. 

Zac: This isn't funny to pull a prank on me Kim. 

Kim: I'm not, just please listen to me and hear me out. 

Zac: *looks at the class* Come back tomorrow, my class is about to finish running. 

Kim: *looks at the ground* 

Zac: Same time, now go! *walks off* 

Kim: *walks off* 

Eric: Who were you talking to? 

Zac: Huh? No one. 

Eric: She was really pretty, is she your girlfriend? Wife maybe? 

Zac: I'm not married and I do not have a girlfriend.  

Eric: Where she go? 

Zac: What? *turns around* I don't know. *scared* 

Kim: So I saw Zac mom. 

Elizabeth: And what happened? 

Kim: He... 

Dave: Was shocked, afraid, scared, and confused. 

Kim: How'd you? 

Dave: I can read thoughts, did you forget? I only told you to control your thirst from attacking Danielle. 

Kim: Yeah, I forgot about that, but Zac told me to go back tomorrow, at the same time. 

Elizabeth: Really? What are you gonna tell him? 

Kim: *has a vision* 

Dave: What was that Kim? 

Kim: I don't know, you didn't tell me that I can see the future. 

Dave: I didn't know. Well, what'd you see? 

Kim: Zac's gonna come here tomorrow, I don't know why, but he is. 

Dave: That's weird. *looks at kim* Did you see anything else? What did he bring with him? Who was he with? Tell me Kim! 

Kim: It was just him and me; he didn't have anything on him, not that I saw. 

Dave: Just be careful on what you're gonna say tomorrow, no don't go actually. 

Kim: I have to dad; I don't want him to think he was really seeing a ghost. 

Elizabeth: She's right. 

Kim: Thanks mom. 

Elizabeth: *smiles* 

Louis: *drives by the austin's house and sees kim leaving* Where is she going? 

Kim: *runs out into the woods* 

Louis: *shocked* Whoa! What the hell was that!? *drives off and tries to find kim* 

Kim: *crosses the street* 

Louis: *sees kim from afar* 

Kim: *walking to camp* 

Louis: Camp? What is she doing here? *parks his car and gets out* 

Kim: *meets up with zac* 

Zac: You came spirit. 

Kim: Why would I miss this appointment? 

Louis: Meeting Zac? Does he know? 

Zac: Umm, what was it that you wanted me to hear.  

Louis: Hear? 

Kim: Right. *looks around* 

Louis: *ducks down* What are they talking about? *peeks* 

Kim: *pops up behind Louis* What are you doing? 

Louis: *jumps and screams* How'd you? *looks and doesn't see zac or kim* How'd you get here so fast? 

Kim: What are you doing here? Creeping up on me or what? 

Louis: I, I was driving to camp to visit it and I saw you. What are you doing here? Why haven't you been at school? 

Kim: I'm grounded; I'll be back next week. 

Louis: Well, we miss you. 

Kim: Why are you hiding? 

Louis: *fakes a chuckle* Hiding? I was not. *cont. chuckle* 

Kim: Lies. 

Louis: What? 

Kim: Go ahead and go see the place, lots of memories right. 

Louis: Yeah. 

Kim: I have a meeting with Zac; maybe you can leave and come back tomorrow. 

Louis: Yeah, of course, I'm sorry. 

Kim: *smiles* 

Louis: *leaves camp scared* 

Zac: Alright, sorry about that, I had to take attendance, but you were saying? 

Kim: *explains to zac* 

Zac: *serious look* 

Kim: Where are you going? 

Zac: *walks off* 

Kim: Wait Zac! *walks quick after zac* Stop! 

Zac: *serious* Don't you dare stop me from seeing my parents. I waited fourteen years to see them Kim. *walks off* 

Kim: So this is what happened? What to do now? How will mom and dad... No! *runs* 

Dave: Zac? 

Kim: *gets there in time* Zac! Dad. 

Zac: *tears in his eyes* Dr. Austin? 

Dave: What's going on? 

Elizabeth: *walks outside and sees zac* Zac. 

Zac: *tears fall from his eyes* Mom. Dad? 

Elizabeth: *confused* 

Zac: Mom. *cries to his knees* Mom! *goes and hugs her* 

Dave: Zac, please don't... 

Zac: Dad, it's me, Zachary, do you not recognize me anymore? I'm your son! You're only son! 

Kim: Dad, I'm sorry. 

Dave: You told him! Do you know what harm can happen!? 

Zac: Dad! I'm not gonna harm anyone of you guys. You guys are my family, my real family. *cries* I can't believe you were here all along. *kneels to his knees and cries* 

Elizabeth: *goes and gets zac up* Zac, look at me. 

Zac: *looks into elizabeth's eyes in tears* 

Elizabeth: *gasp and hugs zac* My son, my Zachary Drew Austin, it really is you. I missed you so much son. I thought I lost you for good; I waited fourteen years and I finally get to see you today. 

Zac: *really crying* 

Kim: *goes and hugs Elizabeth and zac* I'm so glad we all found eachother. 

Dave: *looks at them happy/scared* 

Zac: *smiles in tears* Dad. 

Dave: Zachary! *hugs zac* 

Zac: *groans* Oh, your hug is killing me. 

Dave: *gasp* Sorry. *releases zac* Welcome home son, we've been waiting and searching for you. 

Zac: I'm here now. *chuckles in tears* 

Kim: *screams in excitement and hugs zac again* I missed you brother! 

Zac: Do you guys have a heater by any chance? You guys are really cold. 

Dave: Yes, come inside son. 

Zac: *walks in the house*

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