Another World: Still The One

Another World: Still The One is Part 2 of Another World: Summer Love. In Still The One, Kim is alive and reborn as a vampire. She goes back to school where she reunites with Harry in class. Kim twistes the story of her dying to the group and they believe her. Read on and see how Kim's new persona almost ruins for herself.


2. 1.2

Harry: Hey Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *chuckles* Hey. 

Harry: How are you today? Sorry we had to end our conversation early yesterday. 

Kim: No, it's ok, I understand. 

Harry: Would you like to meet them today? 

Kim: I don't *sees liam* think so, hi Liam. 

Liam: *gets scared and ducks* Ah! Kim!? *looks at harry* I thought... 

Kim: It's a long story. 

Liam: I swear you didn't have a pulse when we came to say goodbye. 

Kim: That's funny. *scratches her head and looks away* 

Liam: No, it's scary! We all thought you were dead. 

Kim: A lot of things happened since we all separated. 

Liam: How are you here? Are you a twin? 

Kim: I'm alive Liam. *looks at harry* 

Harry: Kim can explain when the rest gets here. For the meanwhile, let's keep her hidden. 

Liam: Yeah. Oh, there's Danielle. 

Kim: You're still with her? 

Liam: Yeah, it's been two amazing years. 

Kim: I have to go. *leaves*  

Danielle: Hey, who was that? 

Liam: Harry's friend. 

Harry: Yeah, she had to go somewhere. 

Danielle: Oh why didn't you introduce us? 

Harry: She said later. *smiles* 

Louis: *walking with Eleanor* Hey guys. 

Liam: Louis! 

Louis: *chuckles* What's with that tone Liam? 

Liam: Where's Zayn and Niall? 

Louis: Niall's on his way and Zayn's with Perrie in the café. 

Liam: Great, let's go over there. 

Kim: *walks in the café and sees zayn* Shit! *turns around* 

Zayn: *sees kim* Kim? *gets up* Kim! 

Kim: *walks out the café as fast as she can but slows down a tab* 

Louis: Zayn? 

Zayn: Oh? Hey guys, did you guys see... 

Harry: *looks at liam and sees kim* 

Liam: Who Zayn? 

Zayn: Nothing, I'm just, come inside and join Perrie and I. 

Harry: I'll be back, I have to meet someone. 

Louis: Is it that special girl? 

Harry: Yes! She's very special, I'll be right back. 

Liam: Want me to go with you? 

Harry: Please. 

Liam: I'll be back. *leaves with harry* 

Harry: Kim! 

Kim: Harry. 

Zayn: Guys, I swore I saw Kim walk out the café just before I saw you guys, didn't you guys see her? 

Louis: Zayn, she's dead. 

Eleanor: We all saw her life end at camp. 

Perrie: Who? 

Eleanor: We had a friend we met at camp two years ago, it's a long story, but she passed away. 

Perrie: I'm sorry. 

Zayn: Guys! I saw her! I'm not kidding, she looked directly at me! 

Danielle: Maybe it was someone who looked like her. There are a lot of people that looks like eachother. 

Eleanor: Dani's right Zayn. 

Zayn: I swear though. I wasn't seeing, it was her. It's like she hasn't even aged. 

Danielle: That's silly to say Zayn; she would have been nineteen like us. 

Zayn: She still looked seventeen. 

Kim: I don't know if I'm ready to see them guys. 

Liam: It'll be ok. 

Kim: No, it's not. 

Harry: Liam, you go in first and tell them that I want to surprise them. And after that once everyone hugs Kim or is done being paranoid, depending on them... 

Kim: There's Niall! 

Liam: *walks to niall* Niall. *fakes a chuckle* You're here. 

Harry: *drags kim to another area* 

Liam: The group is inside, Harry and I will be right in. 

Niall: Where's Harry? 

Liam: *looks behind him* Oh? He was there, but just go in. 

Niall: Ok, I'll see you inside. 

Harry: Liam. 

Liam: Whoa! You scared me. 

Harry: Sorry, but can you please, go in and tell them. 

Liam: Are you sure? 

Kim: Just do it. 

Liam: *silent* Ok then. *walks in the café* 

Louis: Where's Harry? 

Liam: Guys, Harry's gonna introduce you guys to his friend, but you all have to promise to not over exaggerate or go crazy and scream. 

Louis: Why would we? 

Niall: Yeah. 

Louis: Is she famous? 

Liam: I... 

Harry: Hey guys, I have a surprise for you all, please be patient, understand her story, and please, please do not get scared or anything. 

Zayn: Who are we meeting? 

Harry: Someone important. I'll be back. *goes and gets kim* 

Kim: Harry, I'm scared.  

Harry: What? 

Kim: I can't do this anymore. 

Harry: Why? 

Kim: I just can't. 

Harry: Just please, very quickly, let's get it over with. 

Kim: Fine. *closes her eyes and thinks to herself* Control yourself Kim. Everything's gonna be ok. Don't attack anymore or anything. 

Harry: Ready? 

Kim: *opens her eyes* Yeah. *fakes a smile* 

Harry: Ok, let's go in then. 

Kim: *walks in and waits for harry* 

Harry: Guys, please meet a very special friend. *looks at kim* 

Kim: *closes her eyes again* Be brave, control it Kim, control it. *walks up* 

Eleanor: *shocked* 

Danielle: *scared* 

Louis: *slowly* What the hell? 

Niall: K... Kim? 

Zayn: I knew I saw you Kim! *chuckles* I wasn't crazy. 

Perrie: *looks at zayn* 

Kim: *looks at zayn in the eyes and tries to control her thirst* 

Niall: I, I thought you were... 

Louis: Dead. 

Kim: *silent* 

Danielle: Guys, I have to leave. 

Liam: *grabs Danielle's hand* You have to listen to her story. 

Eleanor: Kim, we all saw you die, how are you standing right there? 

Kim: I... 

Harry: It's a long story, but she'll make it short, please bear with it. Please guys. 

Zayn: Kim. I thought, I thought. I can't believe you're standing right in front of us. *walks to kim and hugs her* You're so cold, are you sick? 

Kim: *moves away from zayn* Please don't touch me. 

Zayn: Kim. 

Liam: Come, come sit down and listen Zayn. 

Zayn: *sits next to liam* 

Harry: Kim. 

Kim: I know most of you thought I was dead, but I wasn't. I was out on concussion. After you all left, Dr. Austin found a heartbeat on me still when he was about to do the operation. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. When he saw that I still had a heartbeat, he rushed me to the other room to do a different operation. When he tried to call my dad, foster dad, it was too late because he would have already boarded the plane to New York. Dr. Austin decided to adopt me since I was under age still, today I still haven't seen Officer Brad, have any of you seen him lately? Or heard about him? 

Louis: I have. 

Kim: Is he still in New York? 

Louis: I'm sorry, but no he's not Kim.  

Kim: Where... 

Louis: He was shot in the head with a sniper eight months after.  

Kim: *gasp* 

Perrie: *gets up* I'm sorry, I don't know what's going on, but. 

Kim: *smells Perrie and looks at her in the eyes* 

Perrie: Whoa, I feel like as if something cold just passed by. 

Harry: *looks at kim* 

Kim: No, you, you. *runs out the café quickly* 

Harry: *runs out the café and doesn't see kim anymore* 

Eleanor: What happened Perrie? 

Perrie: When she looked at me, I felt the hair of my back of my neck stand up. Like if something cold just passed by quickly. 

Liam: I'm sure it was nothing. 

Perrie: I don't know. 

Dave: Hey honey. 

Kim: *slams her door* 

Elizabeth: I'll go talk to her. 

Dave: I'll come along. Honey? 

Kim: I can't believe it. 

Elizabeth: What happened honey? 

Kim: I almost lost it out there. 

Dave: What? 

Kim: My friends, I reunited with them all, and they had a new girl there that I didn't recognize. 

Elizabeth: And? 

Kim: Mom! I could have killed her if I didn't leave! 

Dave: What happened? 

Kim: I almost attacked her! I didn't notice her until she stood up and moved! She... she smelled really good. 

Dave: You have to control your thirst Kim! 

Kim: I did! I, I ran off. 

Dave: Ran! 

Kim: Don't worry; I was at speed two then full speed. 

Dave: You cannot use your power or speed in public Kim! I told you already didn't I? 

Kim: Yeah, and I'm sorry, it won't happen again, I promise. 

Elizabeth: Good. 

Perrie: Hey Danielle. 

Danielle: Hey Perrie. 

Perrie: What's up? 

Danielle: Nothing much and you? 

Perrie: *sees kim* 

Kim: *sees Perrie* 

Danielle: *smiles* Kim! 

Kim: *smiles* No. *walks off* 

Perrie: That was rude. 

Danielle: No, it's ok. 

Perrie: She probably doesn't like me. 

Danielle: Yes she does, she's a nice girl. 

Kim: *in the restroom* Control it Kim! Control your thirst. *swallows hard* Ah! Why does it burn. *grabs her throat* My plasma drink. *digs in her bag and opens it and drinks it* 

Eleanor: Kim? 

Kim: Eleanor!? *wipes her mouth* 

Eleanor: Are you bleeding? 

Kim: I, I, no. 

Eleanor: Your eyes, are you wearing contacts? 

Kim: Yes, I am. *fakes a chuckle* 

Eleanor: I like them, what are you drinking? 

Kim: It's punch. 

Eleanor: Punch? Why is it so dark? 

Kim: It's not punch; it's my medication from Dr. Austin. 

Eleanor: You're still taking them after all these years? 

Kim: Yeah, it's healthy for me. If I don't take them, then I can die. 

Eleanor: *gasp* Please, continue taking them, we don't want to lose you for reals. 

Kim: *fakes a chuckle* Yeah.  

Eleanor: Why did you leave yesterday? 

Kim: Yesterday? I, I had a class. 

Eleanor: You're brother Zac, have you heard from him? 

Kim: Zac! How is he?! I have not seen him since who knows. 

Eleanor: He's the new Coach and when he's not working there, he's in town. 

Kim: There? Town? Do you know where he is right now? 

Eleanor: Don't you keep in touch with him? I thought the doctor would have called him or notified Officer Brad. 

Kim: It's all my fault, if I haven't ran and trip, I would have still been alive. 

Eleanor: Would have still been alive? 

Kim: I mean, you know. 

Eleanor: Kim, you haven't aged at all you know that. 

Kim: Really? *touches her face and looks in the mirror* Yeah, i haven't. *chuckles* 

Eleanor: *chuckles* Yeah. 

Kim: It's a miracle right? 

Eleanor: *smiles* Come join us in the café. 

Kim: Who, who is all there? 

Eleanor: Everyone. Perrie and Danielle should be there already. 

Kim: Yeah, you go first, I'm gonna finish my drink. 

Eleanor: *smiles* Ok. *walks off* 

Kim: *finishes her plasma drink and walks out* 

Niall: Kim? 

Kim: *startled* Niall! 

Niall: *chuckles* What was that? 

Kim: I'm sorry, I'm just, how are you? 

Niall: I'm good, I was just heading to the café, and did you want to walk with me there? 

Kim: Yeah. *walks with niall* 

Niall: I thought you really died Kim. 

Kim: Everyone did, I'm really sorry the result came negative. 

Niall: I was crying my eyes out and when I saw that Harry was crying the worst when he said he was in love with you, it broked everyone's heart. 

Kim: In love? 

Niall: Oh, oops, don't tell him I told you. 

Kim: In love? He can't be in love with me Niall. 

Niall: Why? Are you married?  

Kim: He just can't! 

Niall: He can if he wants, but if you're married or have a boyfriend, maybe engaged? Then he can't be in love with you. Why can't he? 

Kim: Because I'm in love with someone else. 

Niall: Zayn? 

Kim: No, maybe, but he has a girlfriend. 

Niall: I won't tell Kim. *walks the café door* After you. 

Kim: *walks in the café* 

Harry: *smiles* Kim, how'd you find us here? 

Kim: Niall, well first Eleanor, and then I saw Niall on the way here. 

Niall: *sits next to zayn* 

Kim: *looks ay niall* 

Eleanor: Did you take off your contacts? 

Kim: What? 

Eleanor: They were red in the restroom and now they're brown. 

Kim: Uh, yeah I did. It was bothering me. *fakes a smile*  

Niall: I'm gonna grab something to eat, did you guys want anything? Kim? 

Kim: I, I don't eat. 

Louis: What? Everyone eats Kim, I'll buy you something. *takes out his wallet* C'mon. 

Kim: I just ate. 

Louis: What'd you eat? 

Kim: I, umm. 

Eleanor: She shouldn't eat right after taking medications. 

Louis: You're taking medication? What for? 

Kim: To be alive. *smiles weird* 

Louis: Oh? Sorry I asked. 

Kim: It's ok. 

Louis: *chuckles* I can buy you a drink. 

Kim: No, it's ok. *smiles* 

Louis: Water, you got to at least have water after taking medications. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you, a bottle of water would be nice. 

Louis: *smiles* 

Kim: *walks and stands next to Louis* 

Eleanor: Guys, I don't know why I'm about to say this, but Kim and Louis looks really good together. 

Danielle: What! El!? 

Eleanor: I know it's wrong, but they do.  

Zayn: Are you trying to say that you're seeing someone else? 

Eleanor: I'm not, but I'm just saying. 

Liam: Why? 

Eleanor: Just look at them. 

Kim: *smiling and talking to Louis* 

Louis: *smiles* 

Worker 1: What can I get for you two? 

Louis: A bottle of water please for the lovely lady. 

Worker 1: Wow, you're really pretty. You're lucky to have a girl like her. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles shy in chuckles*  

Louis: *puts his arms around kim* Yes, she's a lovely girl isn't she. *moves kims hair out of her face* 

Kim: *twitches* 

Louis: *notices how cold kim is* 

Kim: *fakes a quick smile* 

Louis: *snaps out of it and fakes a smile weird* 

Worker 1: Here's your water, have a nice day. 

Louis: Thanks.  

Kim: Please, don't ever do that again. 

Louis: I'm sorry, but here's your water. *goes and sits next to Eleanor and looks at her* 

Eleanor: You ok? 

Louis: Yeah, why? 

Danielle: What was that all about? 

Louis: What was what? 

Danielle: We can see, you were flirting, and then you put your arms around her.  

Louis: The guy said we looked good together and I just played along. 

Eleanor: Why'd you give her a weird look after you touched her face? 

Louis: *lies* No I didn't, did I? 

Eleanor: Maybe from our angle, but I did tell them that you two look good together. 

Liam: She did, crazy isn't she. 

Louis: Why would you say that? 

Harry: Yeah, why? 

Niall: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *rolls her eyes* Look, I'm not interested in Louis Eleanor, you two have been together for what? Two years? Three years? 

Eleanor: Three. 

Kim: I'm not gonna come between you two. I know my rights, but hey thanks for the drink, I'm gonna head to class. 

Zayn: I have a class right now too, what class are you going to? 

Kim: English. 

Zayn: Me too, wait for me. 

Niall: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *looks at niall* Perrie, why don't you walk Zayn to class first, I have somewhere to go first. 

Perrie: Me? Yeah, I can. I'll see you guys later. 

Zayn: Where are you going? 

Kim: Do you really want to know? 

Zayn: Oh, I'm sorry. 

Kim: Yeah. *walks off*

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