The Story Of Us

Have you heard the saying love is like a rubber band '' held by two people at both end's but when one let's go it hurt's the other'' well it's true this rubber band keep's smacking shay in the face and she cant let go.


3. wicked games

   '' To be tormented by the person you love is a sign it's only fair to get revenge n torment back.'' Shay: what does that mean...humm I'll sleep on it.


The beach is so beautiful and  as i lay on the beach i lay with junior  and i look so happy'

Shay; junior what are you gonna do about siclolly, i mean thats your girlfriend and i'm just your friend,

junior; your more than just my your my bestfriend.

shay;BESTFRIEND i wanna be more than your bestfriend i wanna be your girlfriend , i want you to l;ook at me they way you do her. im tired of being just your friend.

junior;really i didnt know you felt like that you let me talk to you about all the girls i made out with and liked while you had feelings for me.

Shay; well yah  remember im that best friend

before sshe could say anything else junior smashed his lips on to hers.

shay; wait i want to but this is wrong you but have a girl friend  ,and i dont want this to ruin our relationship as friends

junior:i dont care anymore i love you.

shay; your not in love with me your in love with the idea of me u really just pitty me

~~~~~~~~~~~~dream over~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

shay woke up in sweats at 5;30 in the morning and decidees to call junior.


Shay:hey umm can i talk to u about something

Junior:do u no wat time it is?

Shay: can u meet me on the beach its important?

junior:yea watevr it better be


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