The Story Of Us

Have you heard the saying love is like a rubber band '' held by two people at both end's but when one let's go it hurt's the other'' well it's true this rubber band keep's smacking shay in the face and she cant let go.


4. the beach

 As shay sits on the the beach junior walks up behind her.

 Junior: o.k what did you wanna talk about?

Shay: umm lately ive been having the same dream and you've been in it the truth is i cant stop thinking about you to be honest i think im in love with you. And i dont no what to do.

Junior:i didnt know how you felt and your my...{cut off by shay}

Shay:dont you dare say im your best friend  i no and i wanna be more than you best friend ive liked you since we meet and every time you'd go out with a girl it would break my heart because i had wished that i was that girl. i wanted to be the girl you would think about all the time.{tears streaming down her face}

Junior: don't cry, i cant bare to know im the one that's making you cry. i love you, but i dont wanna ruin our friendship{truth is he was insanely in love with her and wanted her more than a human being could want anyone}.

Shay; i have to go i just had to tell you its obvious you dont feel the same. just forget what i said.

shay walked away and  he grabbed her arm and kissed her with so much passion and she kissed back.

Shay: what about siclolly?

Junior i dont know but i will figure it out.

and then she left

---------------------at school------------------------

Aaron: whats up shay

Shay:i told junior how i felt

Aaron: are you serious what happened?

shay: he told me that he didnt wanna be the one to make me cry and that he didnt wanna ruin our friendship then he kissed me and i kissed back.

Aaron: what about siclolly

Shay: that's what i asked and he said he'll figure it out.

Aaron: wow that boy has some mixed emotions good thing i just stick to one girl.


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