The Story Of Us

Have you heard the saying love is like a rubber band '' held by two people at both end's but when one let's go it hurt's the other'' well it's true this rubber band keep's smacking shay in the face and she cant let go.


2. Jealousy

                 Junior & Shay have been closer then ever the past week ever since the date but there's a twist Junior end's up asking Shay to hook him up  with her friend Siclolly(sick-lolly) ,Shay felt like someone had stabbed her in the heart but being the person she is  she swallow's her pride and ask for him and of course she says yes i mean if you were to see Junior he looked like a younger version of Austin Mahone   just with darker hair with dark greenish-hazel eye's so you see why she said yes.

~~one week past~~

Shay goes to Angie & Aaron for advice cause she want's to tell Junior how she feel's but she does but she doesn't wanna ruin things with Junior and Siclolly because she doesn't wanna seem like a bad  friend and she also doesn't wanna ruin her chances with Junior what was she supposed to do. Aaron told her to follow her heart as if it was writen in stone so that's what she did so from that day forward she avoided siclolly and junior.

Junior started to catch the hint that Shay was giving him the cold shoulder so he tried to do the same thing and flaunt the fact that he  choose her over  shay so shay completely shakes him and goes out with his best friend's brother Ricky  but then junior goes to ricky and says that he felt up shay and got decked in the face who is shay to choose from so she goes out with ricky and she's happy but lately junior has looked very depressed . she felt mlike she should help but she also doesnt wanna fall for any of his tricks or hurt rick she doesnt no what to do.

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