Fate of the Assassins

Blythe, a young Nord woman, just arived in Windhelm to join up with the Stormcloaks when she heard the whispers in Candlehearth Hall. A boy? Contacting the Dark Brotherhood? Dangerously futile! She had too see for herself, make sure the Brotherhood stayed away from the city walls. Little she knew how much more trouble she would encounter in this than being a Stormcloak.


4. Travelling to Town

Blythe opened her silver eyes and scanned the room; All from last night was intact, the Nightgate Inn was a trustworthy and safe spot to visit. Blythe took out her journal and wrote a note about the inn for her travels when she becomes a soldier. She found an ink well and a quill in the end table's drawer and began her entry.

30th of Frostfall

Locations of The Pale:

Loreius Farm: Farmhouse - No Usage

Korvanjund: Old Tomb - Stay Away Unless Useful

Blizzard Rest: Giant Camp - Stay Away Indefinite

Nightgate Inn: Settlement - Safe House

She closed the lid of the ink and wiped off the quill, setting them back into the drawer as it was before. Blythe closed her journal and placed it back into her inventory.

"Good morning, lass." The old man greeted Blythe.

Blythe frowned, "I am terribly sorry, but I never caught you name last night."

The man chuckled softly, "Never gave one; Hadring, and yours?" Blythe hesitated a moment, "I am not going to bite, I just wanna hear a name so I could greet you properly the next time you stop by."

"Blythe." She whispered, barely audible.

"Right. O'vr there is my cousin, Fultheim. I presume he is outside, but that orc is Balagog gro - Nolob. He always stands out there, never seen socializing." Hadring spoke on, "He is mysterious and distant."

"I would love to stay another night and chat, but I must be on my way." Blythe blurted out, annoyed by Hadring's rambles, "I am off to join the Stormcloaks and in need of how long it will take to get to Windhelm."

Hadring seemed taken aback, but shook it off, knowing she would be back, "Windhelm is down the road, basically. East of here and past Anga's Mill. Be weary of wolves and mud crabs, lass."

Blythe thanked Hadring and left the Nightgate Inn without another word spoken. She passed by the lake on her way out and noticed Balagog standing on the edge of the pier, alone. He did not move, but from a distance, she could tell that he was still breathing. She felt as if he was supposed to be dead for an odd reason, but shook it off and continued on.

Midway down to the mill, a bard was standing alone. Blythe did not bother to notice him until he engaged in conversation, "Ah, smell that fresh air? Truly, this is a good place to play a song! Talsgar the Wanderer, at your service milady."

Blythe blushed slightly, in hopes it went unnoticed, "What are you doing all the way out here?"

"Observing and capturing the epic struggle for Skyrim! When brothers clash with bitter blades, surely there is a song to be found." He spoke without hesitation, almost rehearsed.

Blythe crossed her arms over her torso, "Well, in that case, I would like to request a song."

"Ah, I play an assorted section of the finest tunes in all of Tamriel." Talsgar pulled a flute and a note from his satchel, "Twenty - five gold per song. Choose from this list." He handed Blythe the note in his hand.

"Ragnar the Red, seems like an interesting song." The Nord woman stated.

Talsgar smirked, "Ah, a fine but bloody tale. I can do that one!" He began to play a familiar tune and started to sing the words Mikael always sang in the Bannered Mare.

Bltyhe started to hum along with the merry tune and continued down the road east. The walk was a mere half hour, because of a downwards slope, and she stopped for information on the road.

"If it is work you need, how about chopping up some wood." The old woman commanded.

"No, not work, just passing through on my way to the Capitol of Eastmarch."

"Windhelm?" Aeri's wrinkled eyes grew big, "For why? I hear the place is dangerous."

Blythe furrowed her eyebrows, "How so?"

"I have said too much, I have to go!" The old lady panicked and ran into the farmhouse. Blythe was taken aback at her reaction, but ignored it. She has come this far to the Stormcloaks, she will not back down now.

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