Fate of the Assassins

Blythe, a young Nord woman, just arived in Windhelm to join up with the Stormcloaks when she heard the whispers in Candlehearth Hall. A boy? Contacting the Dark Brotherhood? Dangerously futile! She had too see for herself, make sure the Brotherhood stayed away from the city walls. Little she knew how much more trouble she would encounter in this than being a Stormcloak.


3. Night at the Inn

Blythe rode on her steed slowly, she was in no rush to get to Windhelm, but rather savored the scenery of her travelling. She went on her way for a short while until a Reveler stopped to talk to her.

"Ah, it is good to see another merry soul enjoying this fine day!" He exclaimed. There were two other revelers with the first one, drinking and singing to themselves. Blythe dismounted Midnight and engaged in a conversation with the men.

"Care to join us with a bottle of Honningbrew Mead?" Growing up with drinking the sweet honey mead, Blythe jumped at the opportunity.

"I would love to share a bottle of mead with you, friend!" With that said, the Reveler added a bottle of Honningbrew Reserve in Blythe's inventory and the revelers continued south while Blythe remounted her horse and went her separate way.

More creatures crossed paths with Blythe, but never harmed her because she would set food down for them and continue her trail. A giant was rushing towards her direction and demanded her to stop, but she sprinted out of there as fast as humanly possible in hopes of him giving up. The more things she met, the less scared she got from the encounters. Blythe realized that they thought she was trespassing and meant harm, but soon forgave her when she made offerings.

Blythe came across many caves and barrows along the road, but never stopped to search them; She was too preoccupied with her current task to even think about stopping to eat. She marked down each location on her map to show her family all the exciting places she has seen.

A little while later, Blythe came across and stopped a little inn for the night; The inn was small and rarely occupied, only by an orc, and went by the name of Nightgate Inn.

"Welcome, welcome! Please stay, eat, rent a room. So nice to have a visitor!" An old Nord man boomed.

Blythe entered with caution, since there was rarely anyone around, "What is this place?" She inquired.

The old man shrugged, "This here is the Nightgate Inn, built by my grandda. Family owned and a bit run down, but we have food, drink, and rooms."

"Well, I think I will stay the night. Only for tonight, though; I have somewhere to be." She squeaked.

The old man smiled, "Ten gold for a room, usually. But I will give you a discount of five, since you are the first visitor in ages! Keep this our little secret, though; Fultheim would not be a guy you would want to have a problem with." The man winked and Blythe dropped the coins onto the counter.

Blythe walked slowly to the vacant room to the left and sat on a chair. She could never sleep without reading a book first. She went through her inventory, knowing she packed a book, and pulled out Legend of Krately House

"Ah, I have a copy of that in the cellar." An orc stood in the doorway of Blythe's room, "One of my favorites besides Uncommon Taste, a cook book written by the best chef in all of Tamriel."

Blythe smiled, "I love reading, it is my favorite activity. You can learn so much skills from it, you just need to look further into the pages."

"I better let you finish that chapter, It is an excellent book." With that, the orc vanished from sight and Blythe continued to read.

NIRIM: What if there's five ghosts, Theophon?!

Silenus thrusts his torch in through the cellar door, and it is suddenly extinguished. The first floor falls into darkness. Ministes, Dominitia, and Silenus SCREAM, but we cannot see what is happening to them. Nirim is nearly hysterical, screaming along with them. Theophon runs downstairs from the third floor.

THEOPHON: What is it?!

NIRIM: What if there is five ghosts?! The man, the wife, the girl, the boy... and what killed them?!

THEOPHON: And what killed them?

NIRIM: And what if it's a ghost that can touch us too?! Just like the others!

From the darkened first floor, there is a CREAK of a door opening, though we cannot see it. And then, there is a heavy, clawed footfall. One step at a time, coming towards the stairs.

THEOPHON: Don't get so upset. If it can touch us, what'd make you think it'd wants to? All the others didn't even notice we was here.

Theophon's lantern dims slightly. He adjusts it carefully.

NIRIM: Only... only what if it ain't a ghost, Theophon. What if it's the same creature, and it's still alive... and it ain't ate nothing since five years ago...

The footsteps begin the slow, heavy stomp up the stairs, though whatever it is, we cannot see it. Nirim notices the light beginning to dim from the lantern despite Theophon frantically trying to fix it.

NIRIM: You said you refilled the lamp!

The light goes out entirely, and the stage is filled with darkness.

NIRIM: You promised me you refilled the lamp!

More footsteps and a horrible, horrible HOWL. The men SCREAM.  The curtain falls.

Moments later, after the last page was read, Blythe closed the book and packed it up; Would not want to get her copy mixed up with the Orismer's. She got up from the chair and laid on the half - sized bed and shut her eyes with ease.

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