Fate of the Assassins

Blythe, a young Nord woman, just arived in Windhelm to join up with the Stormcloaks when she heard the whispers in Candlehearth Hall. A boy? Contacting the Dark Brotherhood? Dangerously futile! She had too see for herself, make sure the Brotherhood stayed away from the city walls. Little she knew how much more trouble she would encounter in this than being a Stormcloak.


2. Delayed Burial

It was nearly four in the morning when Blythe saw her first settlement in a different hold. By the looks of it, the place was not a bandit camp or an enemy's home. There was a person at the bottom of the hill that the farm stood upon and Blythe knew he could see her as the Everlasting Invisibility potion wore of some time ago, and she was roaming freely.

As she neared the man-child, he was a mess, red face and puffy cheeks. She looked next to the man to see an unmobile wagon with a wheel broke and lying on the rocks next to the wagon. Being a good person at heart, Blythe felt obligated to help the poor sod.

"Sir.." Blythe was cut off before she could even say another word. The man she walked up to started to clap and dance in place, making him look even more like a joker than what his outfit showed.

"Oh, yes! You can help Cicero, can you?" The short man stared into her eyes with a creepy smile placed on his face. She waited a short while before answering him.

"Uh, well, yes. I came over to see if you needed any. Help, that is." Blythe stuttered like never before. Something about that guy gave her the shivers and made her scared to even blink.

"Oh, poor Cicero needs help indeed! Mother's wagon broke down and she needs to be arriving to her new burial site. But, sadly, the wheel of poor Cicero's wagon shattered! You are able to help Cicero, correct?" The jester signaled the puppy dog eyes upon Blythe.

She sighed heavily before continuing to converse with the madman, "Alright, how do I help you?" She was concerned for the jester and decided to help him; After all, he needs help with his late mother.

The little guy started jumping around and clapping his hands, "Loreius up at his farm has tools! Yes, big tools to help Cicero with his Mother! And in return, Cicero will give you coin. Shiny, gleamy coin!"

Blythe was not thinking about her answer and just responded with, "I will speak to Loreius for you." The man, whose name was supposedly Cicero, was dancing and clapping as Blythe started to walk up the hill. The walk was only about five minutes from the ground to the top, but Blythe was tired and her weary eyes made it seem so much farther than needed.

The sun was rising up from the mountains in the distance when an Imperial man stepped foot out of a farmhouse. Blythe was almost up the mountain when a young Altmer woman approached her and spoke, "If you need anything, you should probably talk to my husband, Vantus Loreius, or just Loreius; It is all the same." Blythe took this to consideration and thanked the woman before marching over to the garden.

"What do you want?" The Imperial glared harshly. Blythe was not intimidated by the farmer, though he looked the part of a war veteran.

"The man, Cicero, down their needs your help." Blythe explained.

Loreius rubbed his chin before replying, "Why should I help him. For what he told me, he is transporting a dead body!" He cried.

Blythe sighed, "You know it would be the right thing to do." She pointed out.

"I guess your right. Tell the poor sod I will be down shortly." Loreius stood up from the gardening and proceeded to go inside his house. Blythe took this as a sign to leave and speak to the little man about his request. The trip downhill took less time then it had to to get up and Blythe reached Cicero in a short amount of time.

"Did you speak to Loreius? Is he going to help poor Cicero with Mother?" Cicero looked up at the big Nord woman.

"Loreius will be down once he gathers his tools." Blythe spoke soft words, she felt accomplished that she helped another soul with their worries.

The jester started to clap again and rewarded Blythe with her payment, "Here, as promised, Cicero gives you gold coins for your help!" He hands Blythe a coin purse filled with five hundred coins. Blythe gladly accepts the payment and continued the road north with Midnight.

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