"Are you Afraid......." ........Alex just Moved in to a new House, a 2 story house its all nice and quiet then Alex starts hearing weird Noises, she then meets a boy Zayn , a few months later she meets a ghost , but some how she can only see him Alex will find out what the mysterious boy want will she help him , what would she give her inreturn will Alex fall in love with the boy or would she move on with Zayn , Zayn accidently falls of the stairs and doesn remebr a thing he only remebers his Ex Carol Will Alex and Zayns engagement fall or will Zayn remeber her just in time to Save her?""


2. The Locket



Alex mind went trhougyh many things , when she looked back theer was no one at all the curtains flew and dance around she got up and walked around the rooms, her cell phone rang Macy , she picked it up , Jacob sounded sacre he sounded strange

Jaob: alex are you ok being alone in that house since you and Zayn are not together Maybe  yuo can come to my house and stay a bit, am here for you Alex , Alex , Alex ??

Alex: ...yeah umm no thnaks am fine here um call you back, a strange noise caught Alex off guard , she heard a creek in the bathroom, she quickly walk so slowly you could hear her steps,each step she took was fearful and suspensive, she walked straight to the bathroom, "Hello" No one "Maybe its juts me maybe am imgining things maybe that guy must be a Halluciation from Zayn no matter what i need to try Zayn needs to remember me , he needs to recover, he needs to know who i am he cant forget me " Alex thought 3 years how can he forgte those amazing years with him, not today no today ", alex then went into the kitchen  she took a mug form the cabinet, she pour some tea , she looked in the reflection of the window soemone that guy from earlier , she quickly turn around , but no one was there, could she be imgining him, could Zayn leaving her was causing het ot imagine someone or soemthing , Alex could think a million things , " No i must be overthinking to Much; she went to the couch and took her phone and played soem Music , she put in her earphones and reada book, it was really quiet , "This is all my fault Because of me Zayn hates me and doesnt care and doesnt know me its my fault " Alex thoguht, she looked at her phone it almost 2 am maybe i should reast she got up and walked up to the stairs she coulnt get the feelingof someone or soemthing is watching her, she  looked back no one it dark, Zayn? 

????? POV: 

               Me / I dont know my name, or who i am juts woke up , i dont remeber what year how old am i, Nope, But i do recall something, A yuong girl  her beautful Brown Eyes glooming at me , but then soem other women , no shes tearing us apart no she cant, the Locket, flew out of my hands , right into the ground and i came down to the ground , my knees hit  the ground , No no i cant see no more, the light are out dark darkness, My eeys close the voice of the girl "Nooo ' echo through my head, i eyes opened, who i am i dont know, i cant see myslef i cant touch anything, who am i really and what happen to me, i looked around this house  and foud a person soemone, a girl she looked like the girl from that only thing i remeber, it was my fault that girl almost fell of the stairs it was my fault that the guy fell of it was me , the girl she saw me twice or maybe 3 times who is she and what is she doing

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