"Are you Afraid......." ........Alex just Moved in to a new House, a 2 story house its all nice and quiet then Alex starts hearing weird Noises, she then meets a boy Zayn , a few months later she meets a ghost , but some how she can only see him Alex will find out what the mysterious boy want will she help him , what would she give her inreturn will Alex fall in love with the boy or would she move on with Zayn , Zayn accidently falls of the stairs and doesn remebr a thing he only remebers his Ex Carol Will Alex and Zayns engagement fall or will Zayn remeber her just in time to Save her?""


6. The Dream




  Zayn POV: 

                    I was in the hospital bed , no one was around or here and there , i got a dream last nigth of a girl, Alexis i remeber her name, i need to tell her all about it , after a few hurs i looked at my watch, she should be here soon, few hours fast , she didnt come today, maybe ill write it down on a piece of paper so i wont forget, i took a peice of paper, i wrote down" i dreamed that, i was in a park , we were on the grass, you brought some ice cream then you faded away , you left, i was alone then i dreamed a house, a big 2 story house and i saw you , but you coulndt see me, i tried evry thing and nothing worked, you seeemed happy with sosme ther guy, and you just forgot about me,then i owke up and if you are reading this , i fell asleep or your looking at me right now ~Zayn Malik , i put the paper down, something in my chest hurt, a pain in my heart something isnt right, something i feel it my head hurts i see lihhts am carried into another room my heart speed races , i see blur, the doctos talk but the only thing on my mind is Alexis, i hear people talk but its sounds differently , Alexis, am carried into another room, Alexis are you okay? 



    Zayn is Carried into an emergency room, "we are loosing him " the doctors say , Zayn's bed is taken to a whole diferent room , the only person there with zayn is carol, shes crying and looking at zayn , while Zayn looks at her once then closes his yes , the machine wasnt beeping  no more, the room was quiet .....Zayn looked asleep, he looked so calm like an angel 



 Louis POV:

                 I remember now am Louis William  Tomilison , me am 21 years old me, i remember clear now,this is so excited , where am i wheres the girl, Elizabeth is that you please listen to me , now i remember what had happen to me,Elizabeth why you , you this this to me to keep me away from Alice, why, why would you keep  me away from her if you knew i loved her, it was you all this time you wanted me to be with you, you wanted me but i didn't i dislike you, your evil all you wanted was to see me suffer, why , why would you do that to me 

Elizabeth: you didnt need her, she didnt need you

Louis: she loved me 

Elizabeth:  she LOVED you she used to , now look at her, she happy with someone else, thats not you

Louis: but why , you sepreated us, what did you do to her, she was your sister

Elizabeth; i didnt do anyhting, you did, you left her YOU dissapear and left her alone Look Louis she gone and so are you , your not real, your dead cant you see , you dont kbow what to love, everything you touch you destroy, this is how much your hated, just let go no one needs you come on its easy juist wait for the moment

Louis: why

Elisabeth: i laid eyes on you 1st , but stupid Alice had to lay eyes on you, she had every thing, she had beatuty, she was happoy, she was rich she was adore by father and mother, she was loved she had everything and i didnt every one hated me 

Louis: thats not true i didnt hate you, i dont 

Elizabeth; well who cares now your way gone,no one loves you 

Louis: thats not true

Elizabeth; really, then show me who ? who loves you? who loves a ghost? your a ghost, a GHOST !b

Lou; no thats not true 

Elizabeth: look at your self

  Elizabeth pulls louis head and directs him to look at a glass window,Louis then touches his face and looks at it carefully detail to detail 

Louis;.......weres Alex 

Elizabeth; you cant help her know shes long gone, you cant do anything about it 

Louis: huh.... what do you mean

Elizabeth: lool for yourself

Louis; ...*looks at the glass window* Alex??? what happen

Elizabeth: you did this you

Louis: what no i didnt

Elizabeth; lets go Louis, go with me we cane be together for ever an ever, we can live happy together


Elizabeth; i will help you and together we can both live, together we can trust eachtoher, you cant hurt me am one of you we are the same we want the same things dont we ?? 

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