"Are you Afraid......." ........Alex just Moved in to a new House, a 2 story house its all nice and quiet then Alex starts hearing weird Noises, she then meets a boy Zayn , a few months later she meets a ghost , but some how she can only see him Alex will find out what the mysterious boy want will she help him , what would she give her inreturn will Alex fall in love with the boy or would she move on with Zayn , Zayn accidently falls of the stairs and doesn remebr a thing he only remebers his Ex Carol Will Alex and Zayns engagement fall or will Zayn remeber her just in time to Save her?""


4. Photo Album



As Alex see what had just Happen , she open her eyes in frightment , she open her eyes, ver slowly, she saw Larry(A.KA am a Larry shipper) , he wasnt hurt or was she, she had just been save

Larry; ...what did i do

Alex: .......i dont

Larry: i just moved it i got feel , le me see 

  Larry reaches over Alex to touch her face, he puts her hand on her cheeek and looks at her , then the curtains start flying, the room is fill with light and some butterflies fly around them too soon  Alex smiles as Larry touches her face, he looks at him with love eyes she blushes  then soon Alex face looks pale,  the butterflies turn into months the light darkness,her eyes winded , she cant breath he face slowly becomes pale and white, Larry takes away the his hand away from her face ,

Larry; am sorry, i ddint mean to Alex Alex , are you ok Alex 

   Alex falls to the ground, he grabbed her throat , she cant breathe , she finally calms down she slowly stands up and looks at Larry, he looks scare and sad, he touch ehr and almost killed her

Alex: am ok..*cough cough*

Larry: am so sorry i didn't know this could happen i never ment to this to happen i ne--

Alex: am ok its fine Larry, 

Larry: no its not okay i just hurt you but how, its like everything i touch i hurt i almost killed you

Alex;.....Its ok really look at me 

Larry: no its not ok

Alex: look at me Larry look

Larry: *Looks at Alex* am so sorry

       Larry starts to break into tears , Alex tries to go near him , he backs away quickly, Alex tries to get closer he backs away quickly

Alex: Larry its really okay please believe me 

Larry: ....Ok i believe you 

        Larry then stands infront of Alex his face is only inches away, there noses are almost touching, Alex closes her eyes and so soes Larry , the room is fill with cold, the door bell rings wich makes Alex open her eyes and she sis scare a bit, Larry then backs away, he looks at her and then quickly looks away, Alex quickly goes downstairs , its Jacob, she  looks at Larry and opens the door

Jacob: Hey Alex nice to see you, so how is Zayn's condition

Alex: erm.. hes not remembering anything and am scare to loose him

Jacob: you know my sister isnt bad , Carol , just loves him and mucha s you, but it hink he prefers her , i just saying that maybe its time for you to move on, and i can surely help you , if you giveme the chance i can help you, i want to help you

Alex: Jacob i really appreciate what your doing but i love him

      As Alex has the conversation with Jacob, Larry stays in  the kitchen hearing every piece of the conversation:I love him"Larry , then goes closer to the direction of Alex, something stops him he looks at the hallway theres a young girl the girl in the dream she all in white and glowing her feet dont touch the ground , he goes to her "Elizabeth "

Elizabeth: come closer , Love

Larry: goes closer

Elizabeth: come with me 

Larry: Elizabeth , is that you

Elizabeth: COME CLOSER

Larry: noo

                      Larry moves away from her and backs away , Alex hears a noise, and jacob starts to question her , he then tires to get closer to her , he then slids his Hands on Alex;s thigh , Alex is focus on Larry she gets up quickly

Jacob: let me in your heart please

Alex: ill think about please go now

Jacob: everything okay with you , do yu-

Alex; am okay now bye

       Alex leads Jacob to the door, after she had seen Jacobs car drive away , she goes to the hallway its empty, the dark and the moon make the room look gloomy and dark, Larry? she calls , she goes inside the room , Larry she calls , no answer , she keeps going more inside , the door closes behind her, she looks and theres Larry, she goes to him and he just dissapear, Larry/ she then goes to the window, Larry ? is that you

Larry: it me Alexis

Alex; am glad thank goodness it thought  something bad happen *Hugs Larry8

Larry: yeah me to Alexis..*hugs* 

Alex; wait, you cant....oh noo

               the figure she was hugging was no one , she backed away 

girl: Alexis dont be scare

Alex: *Backs away*

    the girl goes to Alex and grabs her face and puts her on the ground, she then goes to Alex's ear and says some words, Alex tries to get up but the girl puts her face down every time , Alex tries and forces her face to get up, but nothing, the girl then transforms into something horrible and ugly creature , the girls' or the thing hasa  long black tongue her yes are dark black, , he hair flies evry were its floating her teeth are sharp and black her nails are long and pointy , 

girl: Stay away from him 

Alex: stay away from who 

Girl: youll know

Larry; Alex thank goodness your here, hey get off her, Alex

      the girl looks at Larry smuels and dissapear in the ligth of the moon


Larry: Alex are you okay 

Alex: ............................i gotta go 


                                 Alex grabs her coat, and drives away to the Hospital , before she leaves she grabs the photo album , whens he reaches the Hospital its about 6 am , she enters she goes into Zayn's room, she sees him awake , he ses her

Zayn: hey....

Alex: its Alex , ALEX

Zayn: ohh yeah i forgot so what you got there

Alex; you'll see 

Zayn; *makes a spot to sit* *sits up* 

Alex: you may not know who i am but i know who you are, i know you,

Zayn; ...ok

     Alex shows Zayns photos he smiles and laughs

Alex: on this one it was raining and we decided to go play on the rain and your broke your phone and got it wet while taking photos of us together 

Zayn; wow umm thats was nice 

Alex: it was well its a saturday nigth am gonna leave you this for you o look at it,i have to go

        While Alex puts the Album in his hands, she quickly stands  up , Zayn Grabs her arm and pulls her for a hug

Zayn: thank yuo for trying to help Alexis 

Alex: yeah am glad well bye

                  Alex leaves the hospital and drives home , while she drives her eyes start to water up,she wipes them off and smiles, she then pulls by the house, she goes to her room, Larry is looking at her with tears on his eyes , Alex looks at him but it seems like she cant see him no more

Larry: hey Alex Alex Alex 

Alex: what time is it, am tired am gonna go to bed 

Larry: no no no no please tell me no no no no it cant Alex !!!!!!


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