"Are you Afraid......." ........Alex just Moved in to a new House, a 2 story house its all nice and quiet then Alex starts hearing weird Noises, she then meets a boy Zayn , a few months later she meets a ghost , but some how she can only see him Alex will find out what the mysterious boy want will she help him , what would she give her inreturn will Alex fall in love with the boy or would she move on with Zayn , Zayn accidently falls of the stairs and doesn remebr a thing he only remebers his Ex Carol Will Alex and Zayns engagement fall or will Zayn remeber her just in time to Save her?""


1. New Home



Alex POV:

              "Dont forget those boxes Babe" " I wont"  today is the day Zayn is finally going to show me the house he bought for us 2 to live in, , i got on the car and looked through my phone, Zayn got in after he had out the Boxes in the car, he fasten his seatbelt, it took about 2 hours to get there , i  woke up 

Zayn; Wake up Babe we are here 

Alex: ohh i fell asleep huh

Zayn: you did well come on lets go check it out


Alex  POV:

             i had a werid feeling about this house it seems like soemone is here , i feel it, i know it , i walked into the room i took a look it a big house


     Alex looked arund the windows open and the curtains flew by Alex got up and went towards them to close them, zayn came up to her and hugged her form Behind , she smiled and greeted him with a warm kiss, Zayn soon left to go get more stuff and wont come back until tomorow. Alex went into the furnished room and took a look around she thne tripped over a box while gazing through the large window, she fell to the ground and blacked out she accidently hit her head with  the corner of the bed, she blacked out. Morning rose. Alex Woke up on the Bed with a blanket covering her, "Did Zayn came and picked her up' she wonder she got up and walk into the restroom she checked her forhead she had a bruise , she touched it , she then wash her face with the cold icy  water. she thne chnaged into some clothes and walked downstairs , she checked her watch Zayn should be arrivimg soon, she checked her phone no call or message. she deciced to go back to he room as she sat down she saw a floor tile it was loose she went closer and closer she saw a  shiny light  that refelected the sun it shine bright extre,ly bright she took a look closer and closer, she picked up the loose tile , there was a necklace , a necklace once she picked it up the door slam behind her

Alex; Zayn is that you

there was no answer, she got up and quickly went downstairs , she went tot eh kitchen a door slam upstairs

Alex: Zayn ?? is that you 

Once more there was no answeer then she quiickly went up stairs she went to the farthest room in the left she took a peek in the door, it was empty she open the whole door it was dusty  another large window suddenly  another door slam she then walked throguht he hall, she heard a window open , she turn around and walked backwards, without knwoing, someone was behind her she scream and the other person flew down the stairs, she then saw who it was 

Alex: Omg ZAYN am so sorry i didnt know it was you Zayn , Zayn,

soon Alex was at the Hospital Zayn was in a coma , she wouldnt come back until 2 months , after Alex kissed zayn she  drove back to the house, she went directly in the room she sat down on the bed and stared at the window  Tears flew down her face ,she then saw ther was that necklace from earlier, it was a locket and a picture in it she open the locket and the window flew open the curtains dance with  the  wind, Alex got up and closed them She felt someone Behind her, she turn around no one she walked back to the bed and pulled her covers to her face and fell asleep , Zayn, all she could think of was Zayn "Tomorow i will go visit him  i hope he is okay" Alex then got up she coulcnt sleep she went downstairs she was half asleep, she stepped  into the couch and watched TV , she fell asleep, the Next Mornign she went to her room grabed some clothes and put them on she then went directly tot he Hospital, as she walked she  saw a familiar face Zayn's Ex Carol was there he was hugging her and she kissed him on the lips the doctor came to Alex and told her Zayn lost his Memory and he might not remeneber anything, Alex went into Zayn's room ZAyn stared at her 

Zayn: who are you

Alex: Zayn am yuor Fiance , Alexis please remeber , me 

Zayn; am soryr i dont recall you please leave me and my GF alone , Alex looked at Carol with a big smile and holding Zayns Hand , Alex Ran out of the hospita and went straight to the house, she cried and cried then she saw someone a tall guy 

??/: oh no  why is she crying

Alex: excuse me 

????: you can hear me 


??:can you see me 

Alex: yess

??: yes finally someone who can see me 



 the boy tried to hug her but he just went trhough her like a ghost 

 who can he be ? 

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