"Are you Afraid......." ........Alex just Moved in to a new House, a 2 story house its all nice and quiet then Alex starts hearing weird Noises, she then meets a boy Zayn , a few months later she meets a ghost , but some how she can only see him Alex will find out what the mysterious boy want will she help him , what would she give her inreturn will Alex fall in love with the boy or would she move on with Zayn , Zayn accidently falls of the stairs and doesn remebr a thing he only remebers his Ex Carol Will Alex and Zayns engagement fall or will Zayn remeber her just in time to Save her?""


3. Memories , and illusions





               the strange boy all he wanted was he wanted to play have a little fun , but the fun turn into tradegy , he never ment that to happen, he didnt know "Every thing i do, i ruin" the boy heard a noise coming downstairs, he went straight to the noise it was that girl he has seen, a couple times before, he stare at her, the young girl was washing her face in the bathroom, it might be werid since he is spying on her, the boy had an idea , he took his hand and moved it to the mirror with all this fog, he might write something in it , "H4lp 3m" , the girl reaad, wht was wrtitten in the Mirror"Maybe its juts an illusion, its not possible, the girl wiped her eyes , and rub them, with all the fog the letter were cover up by the fog, she realize what had just happen , She pulled the towel and dried herself, she looked at her watch , 9:06 am she might have a chnace to visit Zayn at the Hospital and go to work at the same time, before she left she heard the sink , drip she went to check and it was nothing,then she looked in the mirror , the locket hanging off the corner of the mirror maybe it would match her outfit, she pulled it out and put it around her neck, she felt a cold breeze fill the room, she looked around no one nothing, she then hurried down she go on the her and wemt to the Hospital, she went into Zayn's Room he was asleep carol wasnt there 

Zayn; hi......Your anme is 

Alex: ......Alexis my name is Alexis

Zayn: hey nice to meet you, you dropped something when you left

Alex: what

Zayn: thia*Pulls Ring out of the drawer*Hnads* the guy must be very lucky huh

Alex: *takes* yeah...well nice to see your recovery 

Zayn: thank you

Alex: well i have to go take care

Zayn: you to....your name again

Alex: Alex my name is ALEX

Zayn; yeah well v=bye ..Alex

Alex: ..Bye..

as alex went outside, the doctor told her , thta Zayn might be able to leave the Hospital in about 1 month to medical testing, they need him fro some medical testing Alex agreed, the Doctor told her who is Zayn staying with she looked down and didnt know she told him that she will have the answer tha day he comes out, thw doctor agree, Alex left, she went to the School  she helped ad teach at an Elementary School, she then left about 2 hors to home shed  drove it was dark by then , she looed in the Mirror a white fog , she rub her eyes, and focus on the the highway, she finally arrive, she open the door she put her keys on the table and her coat, on the couch, she looked at the house, "Am not going to stay here  for some time" she went upstairs, she was cold and hurt , how could Zayn forget her after 3 years, she took her pillow and cried, she sob and wiped ehr tears, she then saw that boy, the same guy she wiped her eyes and tears no he is there she not imagining him

???: Can you see me ? Mi Lady

Alex: huh

??: Can you hear me /

Alex: O_o Yess

???: thats great , am so glad yess finally, do you know who i am 

Alex: who and what are you ?

??: what do you mean

Alex: Alex Pointed at the Mirror Behind him the biy turn around 

??: what why cant i see nothing

Alex:....Who are you

???: ...i dont know...what do i look like tell me 

Alex: your tall, and i cant see nothing more, youer white and gray no color

??/: No color 

Alex: yess

???: what am i , who i am , hey that Locket, the necklace

Alex: its your here*takes off* *Hands over*

??: iv seen it somewere , but no yuo keep it, it fits you 

Alex: umm thnaks

    Th eboy takes a look at Alex, up and  down , he moves around her

Alex: something wrong

???: your .....


???: your Eizabeth right

Alex: huh... no am Alexis Hunters sir , and you arae

???: look so much like her


???:  call me Larry i feel like it fits me 

Alex: Larry huh

Larry: yess Alexis

Alex: i like it 

Larry: your not scare of me 

Alex: should i be 

Larry: i think we are goignn to get along very well

Alex: hahahahha me too

  The door smal, she wondows flew open, the doors slam and the chandilier moved fast

Larry: what is this 

Alex: .......

    A piece of wood flies over to Alex Direction, Alex stays frozen closes her eyes and BOOM thres a sound it hut soemone Alex looks down  to see what had just Happen ......


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