"Are you Afraid......." ........Alex just Moved in to a new House, a 2 story house its all nice and quiet then Alex starts hearing weird Noises, she then meets a boy Zayn , a few months later she meets a ghost , but some how she can only see him Alex will find out what the mysterious boy want will she help him , what would she give her inreturn will Alex fall in love with the boy or would she move on with Zayn , Zayn accidently falls of the stairs and doesn remebr a thing he only remebers his Ex Carol Will Alex and Zayns engagement fall or will Zayn remeber her just in time to Save her?""


7. Excuse me ?



                   Louis pulled back from Elizabeth, he started to back away from her, he took small steps until he hit some glass wall, he turn around and looked through the wall ,a little boy with suspender showed up kicking a soccer ball around, he looked closely, a little voice of a little child went through he air, Louis looked it was him as a younger kid as a child , he was running wild all over the place his deep blue eyes shine more than ever, he smiled as he saw himself , he let out a laugh, he started to tear up, he laugh and wiped it away he sniff and then the little boy disappear, it was all a blur

Elizabeth: Louis see you want the same things as me, we ca-

Louis: Excuse me ?

Elizabeth; we could be togeth-

Louis: we do not want the same things , you want something separately you are selfish, you want me because you coulndt have me when i was alive you want me just so you can have everything but guess what

Elizabeth; Really you are going to say that let me tell something Louis, before you say something, How would Alex feel if she knew you were the reason the LOVE of her life her FIANCE , her true love doesnt remember her, that ohh look at the time Zayn is about to join us 

Louis: what did you 

Elizabeth; ding ding ding you are good  sherlock 


             Louis looked around trying to avoid eye contact, he then looked at Alex on the ground, she wasnt moving so that wa sa sigh she was alive and she was going to live, Louis then looked at Alex once more

Elizabeth;...are you done choosing , here to make you feel any better am going to show you all the great 3 weeks you guys had together, 


              everything goes black and its at the beginning Alex finding the locket, she smiled and looked Happy thne her Boyfriend Zayn came to her wrap his arm around her he turn around and kissed her , then another flash back came the day Zayn fell of the stairs, it was all Louis fault he accidentally pushed him , then another one Louis is on the attic he is alone wondering then Alex comes up hears a noise and goes back out Louis does anything to get her attention but nothing works , he then looks down then the day they saw  each other , Alex looks happy and worried Louis is extremly Happy then he say to her " Arent you scare of me " that was when Louis Heart flet he felt alive once more he felt in loive , Louis smiled throuhg the whole clip, then turned to Elizabeth

Eluzabeth: i see what going on here you Fell in love with her, you were afraid because you didnt  want to be rejected , you didnt want to get hurt so thats why you decided to keep distance  , you already had your story planned out  but am about to change your ending 

   Alex quickly got up without making a sound he started to limp she took a glass sharp piece from the floor she dusted herslef quickly, she wiped the dirt off her face and limp slowly to Louis, she stopped 

Louis: .........ok yess maybe i do love her it wasnt my fault she looked so much like Alice

Elizabeth: so just cuz sher looks like my sister you fell in love with her do you even care what shes going through , for yuor fault The Love of her life is dying right now because of YOU

 Louis; no it wasnt like that

Elizabeth; is it you or him

Louis: ............................

Elizabeth; its him the bew Happy with her.


 Alex: (what zayn are they saying Zayn is no no no no it cant Happen not like this) 

      Alex looked aaround and saw her phone 5 missed calls from Carol and Jacob and one from Zayns mom

Alex: LOUIS !!

     nLouis quickly turned around to look at Alex, so did Elizabeth

Louis: Alex am glad you are oky*goes to give a hug*

                    Alex  backed away quickly from Louis, she startedt to tear up 

Alex: you liar, you saud Zayn all this time i thought it was my fault but it was all you, you lied to me what else are you hiding from me  you liar i trusted you and you never told me 

Louis: noo its not like that

Alex: i heard everything you liked me just cuz i lookeds like her, ...i cant bealive you , Louis i fell in love with you, but it wa sa mistake a big mistake and YOU 

      Elizabeth looked at Alex with a grin

Elizabeth: Yess? do you need me

Louis: dont hurt her

ElizabethL: i can do what i want

Alex: no you little fucker you leave Zayn Alone and leave Louis alone

Louis: Alex stay away from this

Alex: Louis i love you so much but you..... ZAYN !!!!

         Zayn appeared out of no where , he was glowing 

Zayn: Alex i remember now but its too late 

Alex; what do you mean 

Zayn; .........we cant be together...........maybe some other time

Alex: Zayn no you...Zayn

Elizabeth: i guess it was him well Zayn lets go

Zayn: i have to go 

   Zayn went to Alex hugge d her tight and kissed her lips Alex face was runny with make up and tears from her face

Elizabeth: Lets go Zayn 

Alex: WAIT 

Louis pulled Alex away from Zayn , she tried pulling away she kicked but Zayn left 

Alex: WAIT

   elizabeth turned around Alex took the glass piece and jammed it to her stomach, one time...another...a nd another..time over and over again 


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