University Life

This movella is about 2 young girls going through university accomplishing hard challenges and adventures. They have some hard challenges but they get through it with a great diploma and a high GPA.
Main Characters- Ashley Corono 21 yrs and Marilyn Ross 21yrs



2. University Time

Ashley's P.O.V

(ALarm goes off) 6:30am 

I groann... I wakeup to the sound of an alarm. I hate early mornings, but its worth it because i get to go to the university pool and swim in the morning, its really refreshing. I love sports its one of my passions in life. I get up and put my swim suit on, and i write my roommate (Marilyn Ross) a note saying im going for a swim then i head off. I walk out of my dorm and its freezing outside but that makes it even better. I walk to the pool and started swimming. The best thing about the pool is when its a cold day they have an excuse to put the heaters on in the pool. 

Marilyn's P.O.V

I wakeup to the sound of a door shutting,  I bet Ashley my roommate went for a swim. There is a note on my side table saying: Going for a swim see u at breakfast! From Ashley xo. I knew it. Sports isnt really my thing, but writing, dancing and singing is. Ive grown up with a very musical theatre family so thats where my love from writing, dancing and singing have come from. I get up and i get dressed for the day. Its only about 6:30am and breakfast is at 7 so i started writing a play for my theatre study. The play is called wonder. 


Ive almost finished the play but its breakfast time. I head over to the Eating hall. There is almost 4000 students at this university so they had to build a big eating hall for everyone. I line up and surprisingly i line up behind my roommate Ashley. She looks exhausted. "How was your swim Ashley?" i ask. "Really good actually, the heaters were on!" Se replied. "Oh cool" I say back. THe choice of breakfast was toast or cereal and i hate cereal so toast. I had honey and oats on my toast!  I think Ashley got cereal. 

Ashley's P.O.V

Its now after breakfast time and ive got my first class. Communications... i hate communications it goes for four hours and ive got it 3 times a week thats 12 hours of communication every week!...... So  I headed over to the university Technology, science and medicine and communications building. Im studying physical eduacation but its compulsory to do communications when studying what im studying. 

4 hours later....

Communication class is finally over now i can get to my favourite class, sports class, its where you train for all sports, i have it for 3 hours and i have it 4 times a week thats 12 hours of training for sports. I love it. This week im going to train for netball, soccer and basketball because at the end of the week we have a competion on friday. 

Marilyn's P.O.V

My first class is Business class. It helps with writing and that and it goes for 1 hour so its my shortest class of the day. 

AFter Business class-

After my business class i have an hour till my next one, I heard that there is a protest at the university quad so im gonna go there and see what its about. I get to the quad and there is a bunch of people. The protest is about the cost of extra classes i dont really care that they cost more but i guess people have to protest about everything. Theres this one girl that protests once a day and her name is Sandy Francada, but today she wasnt protesting today someone else was. Thats weird. 

Next class- 

It is now my next class, poetry and writing class, its a way to express how selves. This class goes for 2 hours.. 


Authors comments-

My laptop battery is about to run out so im gonna stop it here and continue it in the next chapter.

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