University Life

This movella is about 2 young girls going through university accomplishing hard challenges and adventures. They have some hard challenges but they get through it with a great diploma and a high GPA.
Main Characters- Ashley Corono 21 yrs and Marilyn Ross 21yrs



3. Bumping into familiar Face (short chapter- Ashley's POV)

Ashley's POV

I've finished all of my classes for today and it's about 2pm.

I'm kind of hungry but only had muesli bar for a snack between sports and physical education theory.

I pull out my phone from my pocket and unlock it. Checking through my contacts thinking who would be available, I was thinking of calling Marilyn but I knew she would of had lunch with Beth who is in her class. Walking slowly through the school quad, I feel someone bump me and and my phone almost slip put of my phone but I quickly catch it.

"Watch it" I say in annoyance

"Oh my god sorry, wait. Ashley, Ashley Corono is that you?" A deep voice said

" Jack, hey I didn't know you went here?!"

I say in suprise

Jack was an old friend from high school, we were such good sporting buddies and did soccer together in a mixed team. I've known him since grade 2, but in grade 11 he moved because his dad got a new job with a bigger business, I was really sad but we lost touch.

"Well I moved to Townbrooke and the college there wasn't very invited and I had put a form in for here and I got a scholarship for a Physical Education but on the side I do a Medicial Major as well" he explained

"Wow that's great!" I said. "Hey wanna get some food with me at the grotto, I've got no one else to go with" I ask with a gesture

" um yeh sure, sounds cool" he replied

"Cool we can walk it's not that far" I say

We walk to the grotto mainly talking about how are families are and what exciting has happened.

---Grotto Time---

"What do you want to order?" I ask

"Umm anything thanks not really fussy" he replies with a chuckle

"I know don't rub it in that I am" I laugh and roll my eyes

I go up to the counter and look up at the menu that's hanging from the ceiling.

The grotto is a awesome place to eat an has many options but I look the classical hamburger with chips and a salad.

"Hello how may I help you?" The cashier says politely

"Hi can I get 2 classic rodeos please?" I say

"Sure, any drinks with that?" Cashier asks

"Oh 2 sprites please" I say forgetting about drinks

"Sure that will be $22.50, cash or card" Cashier says

"card" I smile and the cashier presses a button and I put slide my card pressing y PIN number

Waiting for it to be approved it finally is

"Cool done ok, your table number is 13, and it won't be long" Cashier says

"Thank you" I smile and go back to sit down

"So what were your plans after high school?" Jack asks in curiosity

"Well I knew I was already going to go to university so 2 months before I graduated both I and my roommate and bestfriend Marilyn decided to hand in a application form and we got accepted with scholarships, I wanted to buy an apartment before I left so I had somewhere to go after I finished university but I'm probably moving to California, LA after a year spent in my apartment with Marilyn after uni" I explain this and i felt like a chatterbox after...

Nice got it all planned out... See I kinda don't I know I'm going to do Physical Eduaction and Medicine major for 3 years but I just for know what I'll do after Medicine or Sports.... I mean it's hard when I've got pressure of my parents wanting me too do medicine but I love sports and always have" he said with a slight smile

"Well maybe you could do both you never know" I say in difference

"wouldn't work out it be a lot of work" he said

"Yeh.."I say

A waitress comes over with our food and drinks. "Here's your 2 rodeos and 2 sprites sp I hope you enjoy" the lovely lady said

"Thank you" I say and the lady walks off

We start eating. 

"This food is really good I must say" Jack says and looks up at me with a suprising face. 

"Your suprised! I can't see why you haven't come here before" I say and i smile. His face instantly drops, i dont know why. "Whats wrong?" I say as why his face dropped. "I..I...Im diabetic...."  he said stuttering. "What!?" I say in confusion. "You can't be your doing physical education and your eating this and drinking lemondade?" I say. "I was diagnosed a year ago, I don't actually study physical education.... I just do medicine" He says quietly and slowly. "Why didn't you just tell me straight away I would of understood" I say as though my voice is raising a bit. I stare at him for an answer. " Its because the reason i left"he said and looks down. 

"You told me that your dad got a job there thats why you moved.... SO you lied to me" I say in anger. "you were the basically my only friend that has known me since primary school and you left and i understood but now you have the nerve to tell me this now!" I say with my voice louder than it should be.

"Well yeah my dad got a job there that wasn't a lie! But my condition is rare and I spent months in the hospital and they didn't know what to do with me! They've only seen this case 2 or 3 times before and theres no diagnoses!" He says angry at me and stands up and walks away. "Wait im sorry i didnt know that part!" I say and run after him. He turns back and says 'Leave it'. "I..I.." I stutter and leave it. No point of running after my best friend since primary but i dont think we are anymore....


A/N : sorry guys for the spelling mistakes but Im so sorry that i havent updated in forever! WIth any of my books i kind of just left Movellas and yeah but now I'm actually back to writing and will be updating this book the most probably because I like the change from the fanfiction. :) New chapter soon....







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