Bullied....To Friends....To Love..... (Niall Horan Fanfic)

There was a girl Named Lesley she was a Nerd who had NO friends. whenever she went to someone and said "Hi" everyone starts to laugh. She has a crush on this Guy Named Niall Hes Never bullied her but his band mates have always bullied her by the appearance not the brain like most nerds. she keeps a diary of her who life. she then later on in the story meets a girl named Angelica and does not let Lesley refuse on changing her look she always wore a sweater, skinny jeans and moccasins and always had her hair in a messy bun. And Niall bet his Band Mates that if he can change her look and personality then they have to be his slaves.
can they do it?


1. Me

   That's Me i'm not to open about myself all i will say is i have no friends and i get bullied just for who im am and not what i am... I thought i was one of those people that didn't care about what they thought about them self but im not....              

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