Bullied....To Friends....To Love..... (Niall Horan Fanfic)

There was a girl Named Lesley she was a Nerd who had NO friends. whenever she went to someone and said "Hi" everyone starts to laugh. She has a crush on this Guy Named Niall Hes Never bullied her but his band mates have always bullied her by the appearance not the brain like most nerds. she keeps a diary of her who life. she then later on in the story meets a girl named Angelica and does not let Lesley refuse on changing her look she always wore a sweater, skinny jeans and moccasins and always had her hair in a messy bun. And Niall bet his Band Mates that if he can change her look and personality then they have to be his slaves.
can they do it?


2. First Day Of Hell



                     (Lesley's P.O.V)


             I knew what day it was. It was the first day of school, i hate school everyone thinks i'm not normal but really i'm JUST LIKE THEM! If they really knew me they would know i'm not different... I opened my eyes and instantly looked at my clock and darted out of my bed and got dressed and walked to school


        When I was walking people were pointing and staring at me. I flipped them off and walked to school. I looked for my locker and walked over to it and i could not believe who was next to me, it was Harry on my left And Niall on my right. Niall smiled at me and Harry just gave me a dirty look  like i had a fly on my face lol. But i Hate harry out of all of them. (not really) I put my books in my locker and kept my history book with me cause that was my first period. I gave Niall a glare and walked off. i sat in my desk and took out my diary and wrote,   


          Dear Diary, 

its already a bad day i cant walk any where without people staring pointing and glaring at me

what should i do my mum and dad don't care about me i have no siblings i have no friends or 

people that actually respect me or will ever get the chance to get to know me. If they really knew

me they would realize that i'm not any different then them and i have nothing wrong with me.....


i closed my book and looked up at the at the teacher and he was right in front of me


"What are you doing Ms.Jenson"


"i was just writing in my diary"


"well class started 23 minuets ago"


"i'm sorry Mr.Heffen" 

i said and he walked back to the board and he started to write things i felt a finger touch my shoulder and it was Niall


"Do you have  pencil?"


'ya hold on it's in my bag" 


"here ya go" 


"Thank You love" 

i started to blush he was my #1 crush since first grade but i never told him cause i'm scared....




                Thank you for reading this i will update every Saturday Sunday Monday and Tuesday... and plz get more people to read this it would mean A LOT TO ME!  

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