Unbroken +15

When you fall in love, you fall hard, and the worst part, its hard to forget.
Samantha is an 18 year old, living on her own has been tough but accompanied by her best friend Lexi, all her problems faded away. She moved to Holmes Chapel, where she meets a green eyed boy called Harry. Will he teach her how to love again? But will her past haunt her for the rest of her life?


4. The Unknowns

Samantha's POV

He had to leave to rehearse and then get ready. I spent almost the whole day with him. It was quite fun hanging around him. He made me feel safe, secure about myself, different. He helps me forget about everything that has happened. 

Lexi and I stayed a little longer at the beach. Lexi was acting very suspicious around me. She had a smirk on her face all afternoon.

"So? What was lover boy doing here?" she asked me

"He always comes here, well... i think, we should head home though, I am sunburned..." I said with a grin on my face.

I was exhausted and it was already 5 pm. 

When we got home, we showered, put on our dresses and we did each others hairs. She made me a ponytail with lose hair on the sides and I made her a french ponytail with lose hair on the sides too. It was about 8 pm, Lexi invited the guy she met on the beach. I greeted him kindly, he was very sweet. His name is Liam. What an odd name though.

*30 minutes later

We arrived at the concert. It hasn't even started and it is very crowded. I went over to look for a drink when i felt someone hug me from behind. I was a bit startled, it was Harry.

"Hey beautiful, glad you made it." he whispered

"Aren't you supposed to be with Nina? You know if she sees us like this, she'll kill me." I said sarcastically, but i actually meant it.

"No she wont, she is flirting with all the band mate anyway, plus i wont let that happen." he replied with a smirk on his lips.

"Harry, she's your girlfriend" I think he is on to something, i should probably lay off the burgers, its got me thinking like this.

"No, we were dating, oh and by the way, I'm single now" who does he think he is, the last piece of cupcake in a birthday party?

"Wow, and you think you are that irresistible?" I said

He laughed at me and grabbed my arm and led me backstage. We sat there talking and talking.

"So Sammy, there is a party tomorrow at the beach at 3 in the afternoon" he said. Is he actually hitting on me? He is sweet and everything but, i just met the lad.

"And your telling me this why?" I had a smirk on my face when i told him that. 

"Would you like to go with me? You can bring Lexi." 

"As friends right?" I said

"Sure, as best friends" I could notice the sarcasm in his voice, he was actually pretty funny. It was time for the concert so i went back to the front where i saw Lexi and Liam cuddling and talking and laughing in a corner. I haven't seen Lexi this happy since her last breakup. So i thought i wouldn't bother her. 

Author's Message:

Sorry this chapter is short, it is 12:27 in the morning and i have to go to sleep but i promise tomorrow it will be longer. Comment your ideas, favorite if you like it and become a fan if you want to. Good bye lovelies XxxxXxx

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