Unbroken +15

When you fall in love, you fall hard, and the worst part, its hard to forget.
Samantha is an 18 year old, living on her own has been tough but accompanied by her best friend Lexi, all her problems faded away. She moved to Holmes Chapel, where she meets a green eyed boy called Harry. Will he teach her how to love again? But will her past haunt her for the rest of her life?


17. Surprising Lie!

Samantha's POV

I can't even go to the gym in peace, every time i go to the gym, there she is waiting to criticize me, or yell at me for calling her a prostitute, okay being honest, I didn't mean to call her that, i feel so mean, but she was really getting on my nerve though. Well Harry hasn't called me since a week ago, and he always called me every day. Lexi is getting home tomorrow, and I am gonna pick her up from the airport, and of course Liam too, as usual. Those two are always together, I am so happy for Lexi.

So I decided to call Harry to see how he is doing and all, he said he would be back soon but i get the feeling that its not true.

*Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring...*

Strange woman's voice: "Hello?"

Me: "Hey, um is Harry around?"

Strange woman's voice: "Depends, who is this?"

Me: "I am his really good friend, If you don't mind me asking, who are you?"

Strange woman's voice: "This is Daisy, his special friend, I'll get you Harry on the phone"

Me: "O-okay"

*Rumbling sound*

Harry: "Hello?"

Me: "Hey"

Harry: "Hey Sammy, What's up?"

Me: "Um, well you haven't called in a while so, I just wanted to know how you were doing"

Harry: "Me? Uh, great, how about you?" (He sounds nervous, that's weird)

Me: "Well I'm missing you a lot, hey um, who is Daisy?"

Harry: "I miss you too"

Me: "Harry, why are you avoiding the question?"

Harry: "What did she tell you?"

Me: "She told me she was your uh, special friend?"

Harry: "Oh well, she is my cousin, I have to go, I'll call you later" *Hangs up*

Okay, well that was weird. His cousin? Well okay then. After the talk with Harry, I went to take a shower, I turned the water on, took my clothes off and got in. I let the warm water pour down my back. I finished and put on a tank top, on top a baggy sweater and some black skinny jeans. I let my brown wavy curls down and put on a grey beanie. I called Madison, my cousin to see if she wanted to hang out. An hour later she showed up.

"Hey! Oh my god, it's so good to see you!" she said hugging me

"Same here, sorry to call you this late, i just need someone right now" I told her looking down at my converse.

"It's okay, I was bored too haha" she said. She was my age, caramel colored hair, long with dark blue eyes and she was so skinny. She is the daughter of my dad's late sister, who passed away too. 

"I brought movies Sam! I brought A walk to Remember, Fright Night, Picture This, and Paranormal Activity!"  she said with excitement. we watched all movies and it was already 1am. We both fell asleep, in the morning we both went out for coffee and all of a sudden i saw a curly brown haired boy in the line. I would recognize those curls anywhere, I was stunned. He turned around and saw me and looked down, like he was trying to hide from me or something. I walked towards him. 

"Harry? What are you doing here?" 

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