Unbroken +15

When you fall in love, you fall hard, and the worst part, its hard to forget.
Samantha is an 18 year old, living on her own has been tough but accompanied by her best friend Lexi, all her problems faded away. She moved to Holmes Chapel, where she meets a green eyed boy called Harry. Will he teach her how to love again? But will her past haunt her for the rest of her life?


14. Same Mistakes

Samantha's POV

"Oh i am just imagining things, I'm hallucinating? Is that it, because this looks pretty real to me!" I said angrily

"It is exactly what your seeing!" Nina said with an evil grin on her face

"Shut it! You came in my house uninvited" Harry said between his teeth angry. I can see that i may be overreacting... I don't know what to do...

"Oh please, you wanted me to be here the entire time, you just didn't know how to express it, and Sammy, that's what they call you, right?" she said walking up to me "Harry has always been mine and the fact that i have got a boyfriend doesn't mean that i don't feel something for Harry, your just an interference with his life, with everybody's life..." she finished saying whispering me that in my ear and she just left.  I looked at her an then back at Harry. 

"I knew you were going to do something like this, is it that you feel sorry for me?  Or is it that you were pretending to like me?" I was so sad and angry that i couldn't control the things that i was saying. I was letting it all out.

"No, it is a big mistake! She just appeared here and got in and...Wait, what did she say to you?" He asked

"Nothing, she didn't say anything to me" i mumbled looking down to the floor "You know what, It's okay, i believe you" I said walking towards him and wrapping my arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around my waist softly to not touch my wound.

"Sammy, i saw that she whispered something to you, and thank you for believing me, i would never hurt you like that." he said with a small smile planted on his lips. I knew that Nina planned this, so why wouldn't I forgive him, he had nothing to do with it. I hope so, plus i am not gonna tell him what she told me. I don't like being a tattle tale. 

"Hmm.... I know your not capable of doing that, even though your considered a bad boy, but no and she didn't say anything" I said to him, he smiles showing his two beautiful dimples, it made me smile just to see them appear, he got closer and i moved my face to the side so he ended up kissing my cheek. "Oh don't tease me like that" he said softly. I kept my head to the side, giggling quietly. "Oh so your gonna play that way?" he said. he began giving me small kisses all over. My forehead, my cheeks, the top of my nose, and then he aimed for my neck which i quickly moved him away from there. I could here him laugh softly.

"Hmm, why don't you let me kiss you then?" he said with a sexy smirk in his face. I think he knows about my sweet spot (my neck). 

I looked at him and kissed him. "C'mon, we have to go, Liam and Lexi are waiting for us". i said...

I still keep thinking that he will make the same mistake with me that he has done with every girl that he has dated. I hope I am wrong.

Author's Message

Hello my lovelies, I am having a writers block for the next chapter. If you have any ideas please comment them. Oh and if you want to leave the links to your stories please do, I would love to read them too :) -xx

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