Unbroken +15

When you fall in love, you fall hard, and the worst part, its hard to forget.
Samantha is an 18 year old, living on her own has been tough but accompanied by her best friend Lexi, all her problems faded away. She moved to Holmes Chapel, where she meets a green eyed boy called Harry. Will he teach her how to love again? But will her past haunt her for the rest of her life?


8. Memories, Truth's and Past

Samantha's POV

The nurse began to cut off my bandage to replace it with a new one. The nurse was very sweet, she looked like she was 30 or 35 years old.

"Okay honey, your gonna feel a small pinch when i take off the whole bandage. Take a deep breath" she said.

I took another deep breath and when she pulled it out i winced in pain. Though i kept quiet, i bit my lip holding my breath to not yell. I closed my eyes and i heard the nurse gasp.

"Call the doctor, one of you" she said to Liam. 

"Why? Is it that bad?" I asked nervously.

"It doesn't look that good Sammy" Harry said very concerned. 

Lexi kissed my forehead "Everything is going to be alright, i am going to help Liam find the doctor as fast as possible." With that she left, so it was me, Harry and the nurse.

"Okay sweet heart, the doctor will be here any minute. I will be back in a minute okay?" I nodded, i never saw her reaction because i did not want to open my eyes.

"Open your eyes Sammy, don't be afraid, everything will be alright" Harry whispered and kissed my forehead. He is so cute and so sweet. But i think he is completely crazy, well, maybe it wont be that bad, right?

I opened my eyes slowly, i took a look on my wound. I yelled and quickly covered my mouth, i cant believe this is actually on my body.My stomach on my right side, it was bruised, bleeding and it is swollen. My heart began to race, the doctor arrived. So did Liam, Lexi and the nurse. The memories are flooding back, no.

I was taking short breaths, feeling paranoid.

"Hello Samantha, I'm doctor Roosevelt" he said. He was getting closer to me, what is he going to do.

"D-Don't touch me! Stay a-away from me!" I yelled. 

"Shh shh, it's okay Sammy, he is just going to check on your wound" Harry said stroking my cheek. The doctor looked concerned and startled from my reaction towards him.

"I'm sorry" I said softly.

"It's okay" he replied

He sat next to me, put some gloves on and began to check.

"What do we have here? I am going to have to inject you, the wound is very infected, it seems it hasn't dried out yet."

"Wait, what?! Inject me!" I yelled, i hate needles "The wound hurts and you want to inject me with a needle too?!"

"It will hurt a little, you have to stay still."He replied

The doctor pulled out a needle with a yellowish liquid inside, it was a very long needle.

"Sammy, look at me" Harry said. 

"No, please don't, please!" I said a little louder

"Sa-Sammy look at me!" harry said once again and grabbed my chin. I looked at him and I felt a strong powerful pain that i grabbed Harry's shirt and clutched my head in his chest.

"Get it out please, please it hurts too much!" I said letting out a small sob.

"There, it is done. I am sorry Samantha but it was for your own good." Dr. Roosevelt said.

With that he left. No, more memories are back, the damn car crush! Why did i have to push him? Harry kissed my forehead not letting go of my hand. Lexi ran towards me and stroked my hair. Liam was standing next to her with a sad look plastered all over his face.

"Its okay Sammy, it's over, you and Harry have to stay a little longer suggested the nurse" Lexi said. I took a big deep breath and sighed.

The nurse replaced my bandage and left. I put my shirt back on.

*3 days later

*knock knock

I hear on the door, it was 6 pm, and Harry and i were startled by the knock. 

"Come in!" we both yelled at the same time. Oh great, it's Nina, what is she doing here? She walked in and froze and gave me a look of disgust.

"Hey Harry! Oh my god, baby, what happened?" she practically yelled and ran towards him.

Nina's POV

What is that whore doing here?! I mean, she is with Harry. He is mine, i thought i told her to back off. Its her fault that Harry broke up with me. 

But she is just another girl who will Harry break her heart, so she will suffer. 

"What are you doing here?" Harry asked me coldly. What is his problem, why isn't he happy to see me?

"To see how you are doing?" I replied. Why would he ask me that? He wants me, i know it!

Author's message

Sorry i haven't been uploading recently, I've had many things to do. Well i hope you guys liked it-xx

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