Unbroken +15

When you fall in love, you fall hard, and the worst part, its hard to forget.
Samantha is an 18 year old, living on her own has been tough but accompanied by her best friend Lexi, all her problems faded away. She moved to Holmes Chapel, where she meets a green eyed boy called Harry. Will he teach her how to love again? But will her past haunt her for the rest of her life?


11. Bad news, newest treatment

Samantha's POV

"The bad news is that one of you two has a very strong infection and has to be treated immediately, because the thing that hurt one of you was infected and if its not treated fast.... it has 99 percent of a probability to turn into Leukemia" the doctor said

"Which one of us doctor?" Harry asked with a scared look in his face. He walked towards me and sat down next to me on the bed and grabbed my hand. My heart was about to pop out of my chest while the doctor searched the papers.

"Who doctor who?" Lexi said while grabbing Liam by the hand and walking towards me, she put an arm around me and Liam around Harry, Anne was with her hand in both of our shoulders.

"Well, I am sorry to say this but its... Samantha" when the doctor said my name the only thing that i did was let out a sob. Harry grabbed me and i buried my head in his chest. He wrapped his arms around me, Lexi was crying too and she sat next to me and laid her head on my shoulder. I cant believe this, why does this keep happening to me? Why these things? My past i wanted to forget it, then the car crash, the the house robber/ killer whatever and now this? Damn it! Fuck the world, I'm tired of this, i wish it would end!

"Hey, its going to be okay, its going to alright, I'm going to be with you the whole time" Harry whispered to me kissing my forehead and wiping my tears away. 

"But you can go home, the bad thing is that you have to come here to the hospital at least one day of every week." the doctor said

"Hear that sweetie, we can go home." Lexi said stroking my hair.

I nodded slowly, but i cant feel a slight sunshine of happiness. But i gave her a fake smile just to make them know that I'm going to be alright. 

"Okay now, Sammy, you should come over for therapy every Friday in the morning, you cant miss not even one, understood?" the nurse said

"Y-yes but is it g-going to be permanent?" i stuttered, the nurse shook her head "No sweet heart, just until that infection in your blood disappears, and then everything will be back to normal." 

"Okay" i smiled hopefully

"Well, i am going to be the one taking her, what do you think about that?" Harry said with a smirk on his face, i couldn't help but smile. 

"Hmm i don't know about that lover boy, I am going to steal her some day without you knowing." Lexi said

"Well, we are looking for a job, so yeah, she will be mine" Lexi said laughing

"Okay i get it, i get it, but still, Fridays shes mine" Harry said.

Author's Message

I am so sorry for not making the best chapters, but tomorrow i promise i will try to make the best one i could, thank you for reading my story fan fiction, i really appreciate it. Thank you for the views (: 

Love you all, Good bye my lovelies (:

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