9. There's not enough hope in this world for him.

Artemis POV

"H-hi is u-uh Seth h-here?" Caleb glares at me, and as he gets closer to answer me, i feel as if I'm going to die just looking at him.

"No. Now go the fuck away i don't want garbage on my porch." And with that pleasent statement he slams the door in my face leaving me standing there like a idiot with my mouth open.

"Alright kid don't worry, everythings gonna be alright." I mutter to myself, knocking- no, more like pounding- on the door. The door swings open and the almighty asshat named Caleb stands before me once again. 

"I said go a-"

"Look guy, i just met you, and this is crazy, but get the fuck out of my way and i won't punch you. Maybe." I shove him out of the way, walking up steps, praying to anyone that Seth is up there.

If he's not, well..... I hope he comes to my funeral.

Four closed doors. Dammit. Loud footsteps behind me echo in the silent house as i frantically open each door. The last door i open is the winner, but the sight is horrible. I feel tears rolling down my face as i run to the unconcious body in the bath tub. "No no no no no...." I mutter, my cries turning into screams. I can feel my entire body shaking as i lift his upper half and search for a pulse. 

Please, please, no. There's no pulse. I press my hand everywhere, his wrist, his throat, but there's nothing. In the distance i can hear screams coming from the bottom of my heart, my empty heart that is aching now for a boy i just met this week.

I rest my head on his chest, hoping, praying for something. Anything. But there's not enough hope in this world for him. 

The boy that i just saw this morning, was dead in his bathtub. And there's not a doubt in my mind that his fucking low-life step-monster did the job. The footsteps that had dissapeared moments ago reappeared again, this time in the bathroom. I turn around to face the fucker, and i see his ugly features contorted into a malicious smile holding a baseball bat splatterd in scarlet blood. 

If this is how i die, so be it. But I'm taking that little shit down with me. For seth, my friend.


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