1. The start of a friendship?

I look down at the blue dark ocean. One more step, and I'll be plummeting into it, but I won't feel it because I'd be dead before I hit the bottom. One step. Then I get to end this horrible life I'm living, because there's nothing to live for anymore. One more step. I won't be made fun of at school anymore, not beat up, and achieving my lifelong dream: I get to see my family again. One more step. Everyone calls me ugly, because I stand out, with my brown hair with red highlights and my yellow eyes. One more step. I've never had any friends, except for my little sister, clementine. But she got shot three years ago, which broke me. She was the only thing I had left. One last step. I'm sure no one would even care that I'm gone, or that I'm dead. I'm just useless. The fall has started. "Ow!" I say, as my head hits the side of the bridge. I feel my ankle being pulled up, and I find myself in a boy my age's arms. He has black hair and silver eyes. But I don't care about that, I only care about one thing. He stopped my fall. "Let me go!" I say, struggling. "Your going to kill yourself, aren't you." he says, and I nod. "Me too." he says, letting me go. Shocked, I don't jump off the ledge. "Why." he says, staring at the ocean. "I've been broken for a long time. Im sick of being starved everyday, and people at school still call me fat. Everyone in this world hates me. So I've decided to say fuck you and just leave." I say, staring at the sunset. I wonder if I should wait, so I could see the moon one last time. "Why are you." I say, and he sighs. "I've been abused ever since I was a kid by my acholoc step dad, and I'm just tired of it." he says, kicking a stone over the edge. "The ocean is my favorite place, my only escape, so I wanted to do it here." he says, smiling to himself. "I wanted to end it here because ever since I was little I've had this dream of swimming from the ocean straight to the moon." I say, smirking at how a simple kid's dream could haunt me forever. "You know, I never imagined someone else would want to end their life here when I came. Must be fate." he says, and I just roll my eyes. "Fate isn't real. All there is, and forever will be, hard, cold reality. If fate, or destiny actually existed, then maybe you and me wouldn't be standing here. I'd probably be living it up in a house, eating like a gosh damn king." I say, picking up a rock. "No stone has smooth edges. There's always cracks, or cuts on its surface. Life is like that for some people. Except that for my rock, it'd be broken in half, all charred and mangled up." I say. "Maybe we can fix our rocks. Maybe both of us can live better, now that we've found someone who understands. I won't jump if you don't. I really don't want to see someone so pretty and intelligent die." he says, holding out his hand. Does this kid actually care? "Artemis." I say, meeting his hand. "Seth." he says, shaking it. "Is this the start of a friendship?" I ask, and he smiles, a bright one. Brighter than the sun. "I guess so. You know, your my first friend I've had in a long time." he says, tightening his grip on my hand. "Your my first friend." I say, and we both smile. The only difference in mine is that it's not fake anymore, it's real.

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