4. The outburst of a quiet soul

Artemis POV

I lead him into my makeshift room, and we sit down on the bed, one of the only things in the house that wasnt charred. After a few minutes of a ackward silence, neither of us even looking in the other's general way, i clear my throat. "D-Did um..... Did s-something happen?" I ask, suddenly developing a stutter. He glances at me, opening his mouth to say something, but quickly shutting it deciding against it. I glance at his mangled wrists, noting the marks that might've come from a lighter, and the marks that came from the little knife that lies beside me. I silently chide myself for being so shocked and dumbfounded when i saw his wrists. I know what its like, im going through the exact same thing. Thats why it confuses me that i feel like i should yell at him, like a mom yelling at their child for eating candy before dinner. I softly touch his wrist and he finally looks at me again, his eyes looking emptier then they were when he caught me from the stupid bridge. "What happened." I say, not asking anymore. "I-I.........I......" He trails off, looking at the ground again. A little voice nags in my head, saying 'why do you care, you just met him', and that voice makes me explode."Look, we may not know eachother at all, but were going through the same thing here. And if you didnt jump because of me, I want us to stick together okay?! So please just tell me what happened!" I say, tons of emotions coming out of me as i shake his shoulders to try to get him out of that trance. He looks at me again, his eyes slightly widened, probably surprised at my outburst. "Just...please...." I say softly, tears streaming down my face. 'Why are you crying for a explanation. You didnt cry when you were being bullied, you didnt cry at clementine's funeral, you didnt cry when you were about to jump off the bridge and end it, so why are you crying now for this total stranger?' the voice nagged again, but i shut it out. He gingerly wipes away my tears, and begins to tell me a sad story called the life of seth minus.

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