10. That nice littler fucker decided to wake up

Seth POV

The first thing i hear when i wake up is a girl screaming.

My vision is blurry- but teh screaming is clear as it slices through the non-existent silence.

Depite my groginess i jolt up, and immediatly regret doing so. I cry out in pain, my head feeling like someone just had a firework show. The two people in the bathroom ignore me, continueing throwing fists at eachother.

All of our blood is mixed together on the floor. Despite my head feeling like its about to explode i turn towards them. Its Caleb and Artemis, and Artemis has him pinned to the ground, throwing fists non-stop.

"Artemis..." I mumble, my eyes widened in shock as i struggle to stand up, dumbfounded.

Caleb is knocked unconcious already- it doesn't look like he's breathing. But that doesn't stop Artemis from beating the shit out of him, throwing her fists at his face and chest repeatedly.

I can see the white fury in her eyes, and the tears mixed in with blood falling from her eyes. It doesn't seem like she will ever stop even if she's beating a corpse. Her knuckes are bloody and she's relentless in punching him. Merciless.

Half of me knows that i should go and stop her, but theres a little voice in the back of my head screaming at me to stay there and let her kill him. That he deserves it. Im ashamed to admit it but i really want to listen to that voice. But i don't want his filthy blood on her hands.

I walk as fast as i can, swaying left to right. Gently, i set a hand on her shoulder just as she's about to throw another punch. She stops mid-air, and slowly glances up at me. It breaks my heart to see her eyes look so dark and red.

"S-seth...," she stutters, letting her hands hang limply at her sides. She shakes her head as if shaking awful thoughts away- and she jumps up, throwing her arms around my neck. "Seth! Oh my god oh my god i thought you were dead.."

She sobs into my shoulder, and i stroke her hair in a attempt to comfort her. After a few minutes or so she finally looks up, as if just truly grasping the situation. With a gasp her hands immediatly fly to my face, which is probably bloody and gory like a halloween mask.

"We need to get you to the hospital." Her voice is firm and unwavering, staring directly at me. Mutely i shake my head, my lips suddenly dry. My tongue feels like sandpaper when i mutter, "No." My voice doesn't sound like my own voice, and suddenly i find it hard to breathe.

Artemis notices and quickly grabs my arm, leading me downstairs. I try to resist, but black spots dance in my vision. By the the time we reach the front door she already has 911 on the phone. My legs feel like jelly and as i fall to the ground my vision goes black as my body collapses into itself.


Authors Note: Hello anyone that reads this! Sorry its been forever since i updated, ive been going to school and theres so much homework i can barely go on the internet anymore. :( As im typing this im at school now, procrastinating doing my homework for the next period. Anyway if anyone bothers to read this, can you give me some ideas of where to go next? I can't really think of where this story is going anymore, so some input would be great. Okay thanks byee

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