8. Seth.....Dies.....

I can feel someone pulling me closer to the light. A smile spreads across my face.


Soon the light will engulf me and i'll be dead. I won't have to feel anything anymore.

I'll be free.

As i float higher i can see her more clearly. But instead of the smile i was so accustomed to seeing, there was an angry look greeting me. I land on the floor where she is standing, and i run to hug her.

"No, Seth."

I freeze, and i stand completely still. "Mom...Wha-"

"Don't you 'Mom' me young man! Now, you march back down there and live. It's bad enough i had to watch you at that bridge, almost taking your life. If that girl hadn't been there-"

"Mom," I say again, more insistent. "Don't make me go back there. You don't know what it's like, being beaten for no reason almost every day. Don't make me go through hell all over again." 

Tears spill over my cheeks, but i don't care. My mom killed herself when i was twelve, and now that i see her standing before me, all i want to do is hug her and stay with her. 

She shakes her head like she did when i was little and didn't understand something obvious. 

"Your going to live. Your only 16, and you need to live till your at least 90. I don't want my baby boy to be in heaven so soon. You need to enjoy life." 

"BUT WHAT IS THERE TO ENJOY?!' i yell out, throwing my arms out. "ALL I WANT IS TO BE DEAD. I WANT TO BE WITH YOU! Don't....Don't you understand? Everything was taken from me when you died. You left me, and now i'm trying to follow you. Let me follow you."

She shakes her head, and raises her hand to hold it. "But things are coming back to you. I wish you could just see it... Just see her... If you'd only let yourself be happy then you can leave your troubles behind," she looked toward the sky, as if it held all the answers. "Something i couldn't see when i was alive. So i'm begging you," She placed her hands on my shoulders. "Live if not for yourself, live for other people. Live for me, live for that girl, live for the people you will meet. Don't end it all Seth, your smarter than that. I love you, and don't listen to anything that asshole says."

"I-i love you to mom."

And then i fell from heaven.


In every picture that i drew i saw you falling, falling, falling from heaven. I got down on my knees and prayed. I was calling, calling, calling to heaven.

-The great escape, ilse delange


Artemis POV

My hands are shaking. My knees are shaking. Everything in me is shaking. 

I wait for someone to answer the door. Seth, please answer the door. Not that monster.

Fear engulfs me as the door flies open, leaving me face to face with the monster.


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