7. Seth....

Seth's POV

The doorknob rattles, and Caleb starts banging on the door, finding it locked. 

Trembling, i try to hide myself in the bathtub, making myself as little as possible. Of course, this doesn't work. It never works. 

He barges in, baseball bat in hand. On his face is a mask of pure fury and hatred.  As he gets closer i let out a small whimper, causing him to smirk in a superior sick way.

"What a coward you are." He hits my side with the bat, making it hard for me to breath. 

"Pathetic." He goes for my leg next, hitting it numerous times. I stopped counting at 40.

"Your a waste of space." "You'll never be good at anything. Just die already." 

He hits my head, he hits my face. God, why won't you just let me pass out already?

"No one will ever love you." The wooden instrument connects with the thumping of my heart.

God, why won't you just let me die already? I don't want him to see me, to be near me, to know me. I just want to dissapear. 

"Your parents would be disgusted by you. Look at you, you emo scum."

At this point i'm on the verge of tears, but i don't want him to see me cry. I dont want to give him the sick satisfaction of seeing me crumble more than i already have.

I can feel the blood soaking my shirt. I can feel my heart slowing down. I can feel my life slipping away. 

"They never wanted you. Thats why they got divorced. Your father wanted your mother to get a abortion, get rid of the monster before it was unleashed to the world. He knew you would be scum.

If only your mother had listened. Your the reason why she's dead. Your the reason why she killed herself."

I let the tears fall down my face. I close my eyes, and in the distant darkness i can see a light swaying. As it gets closer i see the my mom. Brown hair in a bun held together by pencils.

Gray eyes filled with warmth. A smile that always used to make me feel special, like i was the only important one in this world. 

Mom....I'm sorry....I'm sorry im so useless.

I already started to float away from Caleb's insults, the bathtub now full of my blood, the big empty house filled with empty beer cans. No trace of the kind woman who used to fill the house with love and laughter.

Who filled the house with purpose. Who gave it life and color.

I won't miss the mess it has become now.

God.... If your hearing this.. Can you take me away? I'm begging you. I just want to see her....





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