11. Author's note

Hi! The author with the spectacular dissapearing act has returned! Tada!

For those of you who used to read this story, i apologize for not updating for so long. When i first started this as a confused depressed 7th grader trying to write their first story, i had intended to keep writing till i finsihed this. This story was my way to vent, to try to rid the demons that had begun to plague me. Although as things started to get better, as i started to gain friends, this story eventually drifted from my mind, venting no longer needed. 

The bad feelings still come and go, so since this story i have continued writing different stories, my words no longer choppy and jumbled (i hope). Right now, i'm kinda back into a even worse place then where i was when i started this story. Right now i'm a freshman in highschool, and i'm ditching 5th period because i had a really bad panic attack for no reason. These bad feelings and lack of ideas to write a new story led me back to this one.

I'v decided to continue this story, determined to stick with it till i have reached the ending for Artemis and Seth that i want (if i can figure it out). I might go back and rewrite some chapters, since re-reading it right now made me cringe at least 20,000 times. 

Upcoming chapters are going to be longer, and stick to a plot that i will think of. (7th grade me just totally wrote random crap that came to my head). Again, i apologize to anyone who read this story and wanted more updates. 

If anyone has any ideas on what i could do for more chapters, please comment. I'm still cringing over my writing to think of any ideas. 

Bye-bye, Rin

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