5. After the story

Seth's POV

I tell her everything. From the day my parents died, to my step-dad beating the shit out of me today.. It takes about 2 hours to tell her the whole story, and by the time i am done, the sun has already gone down and the moon is high in the sky. For a few minutes we both just stare at the floor, silence creeping its way back into the room. Why did i have to tell her everything, maybe it wouldnt be so damn ackward if i had told her nothing. We did just meet today after all.' i think, frustrated with myself. But then i remembered her reaction to me not telling her, and i realize i didnt have much of a choice. "Artemis are you okay?" i ask after a while of her not moving at all. She continues to stare at the floor, like she hadnt heard me. "Artemis?" I say, slightly panicking. Her hands grip the bed, but other than that, she makes no movement, no response. "Artemis?!" i say, seeing her hands go white from her strong grip on the bed. Suddenly she tackles me, sending us both on the floor, her on top of me. Stunned i dont say a word as she holds me tightly in a hug, shaking as she sobs into my chest. "I-I......I-im s-sorry...." she says in between sobs. "Its okay. It'll be alright." I say, wrapping my arms around her. We stay like that for hours, and she falls asleep in my arms. Shortly after, i start to dose off too. But not before i remember calebs words. 'You worthless piece of shit! Your the reason your mom and dad are dead! They killed themselves so they wouldn't have to see you a second longer!'......


In the morning i say goodbye to Artemis, and i head quickly back to my house, praying Caleb came home wasted last night and passed out, hoping he hadn't noticed i was gone. I climb through my window, and letting out a sigh of relief, seeing my door still closed, and my room as i left it. I open my door as quietly as i can, trying to get to the bathroom without running into Caleb. This is a lucky morning, i think, as i reach the bathroom and i close the door behind me. I quietly get ready for school, and just as i'm just about to get out of the bathroom and make a run to the front door, i hear a thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. With each thud the noise gets closer to the bathroom, closer...closer.... till the noise stops right in front of the bathroom door. Paralyzed with fear, i realize the bathroom has no windows, meaning no escape. 

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