3. A brief idea of the life of Seth minus

I quickly climb the tree right in front of the window, jumping into my room. "So you decided to come home." a voice come the corner of my room. "I was just outside." I say, trying to sound casual. "I told you I wanted food on the table when I came home." my step dad, Caleb says, standing up with a beer bottle in his hands. "I-I forgot." I say, and as he takes a step closer I cover my face. When I don't feel the blow, I uncover my face. Which gives him a chance to punch me in the gut with his free hand, knocking the breath out of me. He kicks my leg, and I fall to the ground. "You worthless piece of shit! Your the reason your mom and dad are dead! They killed themselves so they wouldn't have to see you a second longer!" he yells, kicking me in the stomach. He kicks me in the stomach so many times that tears stream down my face, and i can barely breath. And apparently to him that wasnt enough, he smashes the beer bottle on top of my head, making my head throb and everything blurry. Why couldnt i just pass out. He spits on me, and then storms out of the room, and I hear the front door slam. Probably going to get some booze. Slowly i get up, holding my head. I crawl to my door and i slump against it, until the throbbing stops enough for me to move and think properly. Like that is such a great thing. Maybe I should've ended it today. I mean, who cares about someone I just met?! Who cares about this motherfucking life?! Who cares...... About me? No one, that's who, so why should I give a shit about someone else?! If she wanted to end it, I should've let her. Then maybe I could be swimming in the ocean right now, peaceful for once. Maybe I wouldn't have had to heard that douchebag say that. I slam the wall so hard that it makes a hole in the wall, causing my hand to hurt like hell. I ignore the pain, grab my headphones, and I climb back outside, music blasting in my ears. I close my eyes, desperately trying to forgot everything, just let the music erase my memories. When I finally open my eyes, I see that I've walked to a burnt looking house, and a old looking for sale sign in front of it. I walk in the house, and I sit down on the floor, leaning against the wall. Without thinking, I take out my knife from my back pocket and I glide it across my wrist, hoping it would slice a vein. Still with my eyes closed, I do it again and again. Honestly, it makes pain and takes it away at the same time. When I'm about to do it a eighth time, someone grabs my knife and pulls me up. I quickly open my eyes, seeing the girl- Artemis- from earlier. Her eyes dart from the knife to my eyes, and she gives me a knowing look. As i take my headphones out of my ears, she just looks into my eyes, her facial expression mixed between sadness, pain, and.....something else that i just cant describe. Quietly, she takes my hand and turns around, leading me somewhere, deeper into the burned house.

((Sorry i havent written in forever. This was just sitting here, waiting to be published, and so here it is. ._.~A))

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