Dream Land

Candy Retrah was just another girl in Candy Land. One day things go crazy... This is what happens


1. Cotton Candy Monster?

I was just randomly going through Cotton Candy fields when I saw him... Blood stained hoodie... knife in hand. Worst of all... The face. His mouth was completely deformed. I don't know how to explain him. No eyelids. Black hair. Pale white skin. The face... Horrifying. How did I live I wonder?  His wrath... Unbearable but somehow... Me of all people lived. But now he follows me. Trying to kill me. Was he a cotton candy monster? No. That's ridiculous. Also, Candy isn't my name. Who told you that? I'm Diavanille Viper. Duh! You didn't recognize me? I'm the mayors daughter! Wow, you need to get outside

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