Scared to Love

"What are you? I mean if you aren't anything like a vampire or werewolf... What are you?" I looked into his yellow eyes. "Monster, that's what I am.." Then I woke.


3. Chapter 2

Isn't she precious, Less than one minute old...




Chapter 2


I opened the door and walked through the small, yet nice living room. I felt as if I was getting pulled thought the room.


I know this place somehow, like déjà vu.


I walked into the kitchen an the feeling was stronger.


Then he was revealed.


Harry was standing at sink watching me. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had to blink multiple times to make sure he wasn't a beautiful illusion. My eyes widened as I realize that he was the boy from my dreams.   Harry was the mysterious boy I've been searching for since January.   I walked towards him and felt the connection we have had in my dreams.


"H-Harry?" My voice trembled.


"Marnie." He as he pulled me into his arms. Gemini was right, but how? And why was I letting him touch me. We just met. I mean in person. And the socially awkward person I am do not let people touch me or talk to me. Unless I get to know them.   "Y-You are...real." I spoke quietly. "I thought you were going to be some creepy pervert." I whispered. He chuckled.


"Who said I wasn't?" He smiled. I looked at him and tried I pull away from his hug. "I'm kiding. I'm kiding." He pulled me back in to his embrace.


"H-How did you know I was in trouble?"


"I just knew." He looked out the window.


"Well how do you know Gemini?"


"Gemini and I are good friends lets just say that." He smiled. I was filled with anger. How could she not tell me?!? Then I felt the anger getting 'lifted' out of me and was suddenly calm as he rubbed my back.   I looked at his white tee shirt.


"So you are kinda my stalker?"


"I prefer the word guard. You know because stalker sounds so harsh, but yes I kinda am." He chuckled. I looked at the wall behind Harry, thinking of something to change the topic.


"Can I ask a few questions?" I questioned as I lolled into his piercing green eyes. I don't know what it is... I can't get past his eyes.


"Shoot!" He pulled away from our embrace to wash the rest of the dishes in the sink.


"Gemini suggested that you were either a list soul or a supernatural creature, but how. Just how did you get in my dreams?"


"I can't tell you. You'll be scared and leave and I just got you, I can't let you leave." He looked up out of the small window above the sink.   He opened his mouth a few times, but nothing came out; searching for words. "Let's just say I'm not like you." He looked at me and went back to washing.


"Why can't you tell me?"


"I've told you. I'll scare you and you'll run away. I don't want you to leave!" he raised his voice.


"Please?" I whispered, thinking he couldn't hear. He did.


"No! I can't! Didn't you hear me the first time!? I just CAN'T!" He yelled and threw the soapy plate from the sink which shattered into small crystal pieces.   My eyes grew wide and watched as Harry moved quickly, slung me over his shoulder, and carefully stepped over the small bits an pieces.


"Harry. Put me down!" I pounded on his back.


"Not yet Marn." He spoke sternly.


"It's Marnie. Nobody calls me Marn." I was still uncertain about him. I don't know how or why I let him hug me. I cannot put my finger on it, but I felt something pulling me towards him.

I felt controlled.  


Maybe he controlled me? I pondered.


He sat me on the big, luxurious, soft bed. "Stay here. Okay?" he looked me in the eye an kissed my forehead.


"Okay." I looked away from his bright eyes; they taunted me an I didn't like it.


"I'll be back in a few." He kissed my head again before he walked out.    


*Harry's POV*


The less Marnie knew the better. I've been watching her for 18 years and I know she would freak out if she found out that Gemini is like me... All hell would break loose.


I looked down the hall to see Niall's door open so I walked towards the room.   "Hey Niall." He was waiting for me in the doorway.


"Where's Gem?"


"Where do you think?"


"Downstairs..." I already knew the answer


"Yeah, she wanted me to play Xbox with her, but I was busy doing school work." He sighed.   The boy has no clue that Gemini is his guard. He thinks he's helping her with her match. Yes, he knows our secrets. How? He can see us. The supernatural.

[A/N:Very confusing. I know, but in the 5th or 6th chapter you'll understand.]     


"Oh. Well go play with her! She really wants you to." Hopefully soon he'll catch on.


"She does?"


"Yup." I spoke, popping the p.


"Well... I really don't have to do my school work yet. I mean I have two days to do it anyways." He contemplated with his self. "But then I'll just put it off and not do it..., but I don't want Gem to be sad." He sighed.

"Just go!" I pushed him towards the basement stairs. 

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