Scared to Love

"What are you? I mean if you aren't anything like a vampire or werewolf... What are you?" I looked into his yellow eyes. "Monster, that's what I am.." Then I woke.


2. Chapter 1

Isn't she lovely, Isn't she wonderful...




Chapter 1


"Where are you going?" I called out to him. All I saw was his curls bounce as he walked. "Why are you leaving!?" I felt a tear run down my face. "I thought... You... Loved me..." I whispered, but I knew he heard it by the way he turned and looked at me.


His dark green eyes put me in a trance.


He walked up to me and caressed my cheek.   "I do, but I don't want to hurt you anymore." He kissed my tears away.


"Then don't leave. That'll hurt me the most." I sighed.


"Then I won't, but you have to do one thing for me. Okay?" He smiled.


"Okay." I smiled back.


Wake up. Marnie, Wake up!" he husky voice turned into a feminine voice that rang in my ears. He started to shake me violently and my eyes shot open. I blinked a few more times to see Gemini standing on my bed.


"Good you're awake!" She jumped on my small twin bed which flipped me onto the floor.


"Ouch! Why? How'd you get in?" I asked confusingly as I stood up.


"I live here remember?" She looked at me like I was stupid. "So was he in your dreams again?" She asked eagerly.


"Yes, but this was different. I really can't explain it." I looked at the window.   Gemini thinks this boy who's been in reoccurring in my dreams is a ghost or lost soul. I am thinking the same. I mean it's legit.


"How long has it been since your first dream with him?" She asked shyly. This was a touchy subject that I only talked to her about.


"Uh... Since Michelle died which was in January." I counted the months on my hand. "So 5 months today." I sighed.


"Oh yeah. I kinda forgot." She looked at the ground. I looked up as my phone started to go off.

From: (480)-577-2319    Get out of you house

To: (480)-577-2319    Why?

From: (480)-577-2319    You need to. People are coming to kill you, Marnie. Take Gemini with you.

To: (480)-577-2319    Okay, but how do you know our names? And how do we he out if they're close?

From: (480)-577-2319    The window in your room. There's a cab waiting for you and that doesn't matter right now. Tell me when you get in the cab. Okay babe?



"Gemini, We have to go." I pulled her to the window.



"Wait. Why?" She stood still a I opened the window.


"People are coming to get us!" I spoke above a whisper, but below a normal tone.


From: (480)-577-2319    There's no time for explanations! Get out of the house. Now!



"Come on Gem! Hurry!" I pushed her out the window and onto the tree branch and I did the same, but closing the window. "Get in that cab." I pointed across the street.



We got in the cab and it sped off down the familiar streets of San Tan Valley, AZ.


To: (480)-577-2319    In the cab. Now can I know your name?

From: (480)-577-2319    Good. I was afraid you weren't going to make it babe. Oh and it's Harry.

To: (480)-577-2319    Do I know you? Have we met before?



Honestly I know a few Harry's and Harold's.



From: (480)-577-2319    You could say we've met.

To: (480)-577-2319    You're confusing me. How do I know you?

From: (480)-577-2319    Just wait until you stop. Be patient Marnie.

To: (480)-577-2319    Could you tell me how you know my name?

From: (480)-577-2319    I've told you. We've met before. You'll just have to see it for yourself to believe me.



Gemini was silent which wasn't normal for her. Usually she's loud, crazy, and fooling around. We rode in silence until the cab stopped. My phone vibrated in my lap.


From: (480)-577-2319    The house right in front of the cab. Go inside, I'll be waiting in the kitchen. Tell Gemini to stay in an keep going an that the cab will leave when you get out. Don't worry she'll be safe.

To: (480)-577-2319    Okay. 


I told Gem everything that was going on an how Harry saved us. There was a pause and then she opened her mouth.   "What if Harry is the dude from your dreams. I mean most likely not, but that'd be really cool! Text me the details!" she hugged me and I hopped out of the cab.


[A/N: The number for Harry isn't real. Trust me I tried calling it and all I herd was LOUD ringing cuz I know I'd call it even though it's not his number lol.] 




So The first chapter! What do you think? Give me all your criticism! (: even if you say harsh things. I don't care. (: but if you like will you comment something positive and vote? Plz, but you don't have to.   Well. I gotta type up the next chapter.   3 votes and 3 comments and I'll publish the next chapter! (;




- Ev xx.

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