A Game With Death

When a serial killer is captured and interrogated about past murders the detectives realize something more is with the killer's past. On a wild chase for the truth brings to of the most recognized paranormal investigators to their knees. (Warning: Graphic Violence and Mild Language)


2. The Town

The man drove up to the parking lot of a department store. He got out of the police car with the shotgun. Entering the store he shot the store clerk four times. A couple of screams came from the back of the store, three more people dead. The man then went over to the bug spray aisle and grabbed two cans of bug spray. He sprayed it on the bodies and then with a lighter set the bodies ablaze. 

A police car pulled up in the front of the store. The cop pulled out his pistol and shot the man once in the knee. The man fell down and was cuffed and sent to the police department. 

"Lynch Barton" said the detective as he threw Lynch's file onto the stainless steel table. "Why did you do it Lynch? Why?"

Lynch said nothing, he stared at the detective. 

"Look you have two options, you can either tell me or go to a federal judge  and face Supreme Court. So whats it gonna be?"

"None of the above." Lynch stated.

"You think you can ge out of this case easy. We know you did it, I saw you do it why did you kill those people?" the detective said angrily "You have no one helping you, you think you can get bail bonds and kill all over again? After awhile the cops get pretty fucked up when criminals do that." 


"Easy Davis, I'll take it from here. Hi I'm Detective  Amber Mason." declared Amber

"And my supporting detective is Detective Anthony Jackson." Amber said directing Lynch's attention to the man entering the room.

Lynch began sinisterly laughing "You think you can REALLY stop me? I am not the only one in this town with an itchy trigger finger. I am just the beginning. You will not see the of this town  and then I will kill both of y-"

Anthony slugged Lynch in the face

"Great choice for a case" Anthony sarcastically said opening the door to the exit. 

"Oh yeah and when you get ut of a led lined interrogation room, find someone willing to help you and then become a decent threat to us call me." Anthony sid slamming the door.

Lynch whispered "I already have."



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