A Game With Death

When a serial killer is captured and interrogated about past murders the detectives realize something more is with the killer's past. On a wild chase for the truth brings to of the most recognized paranormal investigators to their knees. (Warning: Graphic Violence and Mild Language)


1. Introduction

Trudging down the  dark road was a stout and frail man. He looked injured or deeply depressed. A off duty police car drove up. The cop stepped out of the car. The front lights blasted in the mans face. The man held out his hand to block the lights. 

"Is everything alright sir?" the cop asked

The man adjusted his baseball cap and looked directly at the cop. The man reached for his back pocket casually. The cop didn't seem to notice his movement though. The man took a step forward and then pulled the knife out from his pocket. He shoved it into the cop's gut and stepped back. The cop reached for the blade but was to weak to grab it. The cop fell onto the street. The man bent over pulled out the knife slowly and hopped into the police car. The car was still on the man cleaned the knife with a tissue. The tissue had had other dried blood stains on it as well. The man then holstered the knife and tissue. He closed the door of the car scratched his mustache and drove off.

A couple minutes outside of town the man pulled up to a bar. He grabbed the 20 gauge shotgun and walked up to the door. He loaded the gun and blasted the door. The door splintered in all directions and pieces of wood flew back in his face. He took two steps inside the building. Scanning the room he noticed all of the customers had ducked behind tables and chairs. He blasted the rifle again towards a small table in the back left. Pellets hit the walls, chairs, and people. Blood flooded the floor. The other people were to traumatized to move. He fired at the right hitting people  and chairs. He then walked out of the bar got in the car and drove off. Only three people lived in the bar. The bartender reached for the phone and called 911. 

"This is police dispatch what is your situation? Are you all right?" the dispatch officer said.

"No my bar has been attacked by a man, short and skinny with dark brown hair and a hat. He has a shotgun and killed people please hurry." the bartender said worried

"We will send police over as quickly as we can."

"Please hurry." the bartender said in a scared voice.



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