A Game With Death

When a serial killer is captured and interrogated about past murders the detectives realize something more is with the killer's past. On a wild chase for the truth brings to of the most recognized paranormal investigators to their knees. (Warning: Graphic Violence and Mild Language)


3. First Story

Amber and Mason stood behind  double panned glass window arguing. Lynch didn't seem to care about anything around him. Lynch stood up and stretched. His bright orange jumpsuit reflected on the glass.m Lynch walked over to the window and deeply breathed in a spot. In the fog of his breath he drew a smiley face. 

"You know I used to be a store clerk too. I remember the look on her face, so scared, she would do anything to stop what I did." Lynch said grimly

By now the two detectives paid full attention to Lynch and wondered what he was talking about. 

"You wanna take this one Anthony?"

"You chose this case you deal with this creep." Anthony felt like he had a little victory inside himself.

"Jerk weed" Amber said shoving Anthony out of the way. 

"Alright explain yourself Lynch." demanded Amber

"I remember her face with blood and tears mixed together. The joy, the agony. She was like a pig and I ,her slaughterer.  I took my ax and did what every good farmer does. Make bacon."

"You ate her?" Amber asked 

"No I just cut her into little pieces and then took the pieces into a wood blender." Lynch said tiredly

"You are in even more crap than before Lynch. These cases alone cost you life in jail or death penalty. I am leaning towards death because you might not cae about that woman but it is our job to get assholes like you off the streets." Said Amber in a angry voice

"Would you like to hear more?" Lynch replied

"I am tired of you and your tales. I need rest." Amber said yawning

"You think you can just kill me? I can get out of that quite easily. I wanna watch you try to catch me when my friends come to get me and don't you think they won't." Amber sighed as she slammed the door behind Lynch. 

"Sometimes the criminals we catch I just want to kill." Anthony said as both detectives walked outside and went home.

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