My British Foster Family


1. Intro

-This is the first part of many. Enjoy.


It all began over a year ago; my family was sending me to a foster family. Not because they didn’t like me or didn’t wanted me  or because I was some sort of an impossible kid, but just because they love me and they wanted to give me a unforgettable experience.

As I said, it was just a year ago since I arrived to the big house in ’Holmes Chapel in Cheshire’ I was met by the sweetest persons on earth. They were all smiling all over their faces and the boy was laughing too. I remember, I was really nervous and I kept looking at my feet. They invite me inside and the boy named Harry was showing me all around the house. We talked a bit, but I remember I found it kind of difficult to understand what he was saying because he had a strong accent.

Harry stopped for a while, while he was showing me around; he turned around a looked at me and said: “are you coming or what? “ I was a bit surprised by his attitude but I didn’t think about I just answered “I’m on my way!” he opened the door to his room and said: “this is my room, but I won’t be here that often. I just got my own house and lived there with a friend now.”  “Nice” I said. Harry nod! I took a look around the room and saw Harry sitting on his bed. I was just about to leave when he said: “please don’t go, come here and sit with me! I really want to know more about you! You are my new sister now. Don’t you think I need to know just a little bit about you?” I walked over to the bed and sit down. Harry started asking me a lot of question and the time were just passing by.

About 2 hours later Harry and I, walked back to the living room were Anne, Gemma and Robin was sitting on the count with a cup of cola. I walked over to say hi... Gemma was the first one who gave me her hand. “Hi my name is Gemma, I’m 23 and I’ve looked forward to see you” she said. “Hi Gemma” I said stupidly. The next one was Anne and then it was Robin’s turn. I put my hand up to him but he acted like he didn’t saw it. He just looked over my head a said: “my name is Robin, Robin Twist” and then the silence fill the room.

After 30 minutes people stated going to sleep. Harry took my hand and followed me up to my room and said good night.

That was my absolutely first day in the UK at my foster family and it was embarrassing, awkward and exciting.



- Let me know what you think. Love Simone.

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