The Styles' Brothers

Avery isn't known to the London community, but she is a very out there person, who is partying it up with her friend Caelyn. But one of her friends, Lily, decides to set them up with the Styles' Twins, and it becomes a whole other game.
The twins are known for trouble, which everyone says. But the girls find them very down to heart and they can protect their own. Once the girls get attached, they feel and get close to them.


8. Truth and Lies

  I checked myself in the mirror once more before I went out. Making sure that everything was in the right place and that nothing looked wrong. I put some gloss on and exited the bathroom. I walked past Caelyn's room. She was lying down, clutching the photo of her and Harold, and holding it close to her heart."Caelyn, before I go out do you want me to get you anything?" She blinked away her tear, and smiled. "Oh no..I'm fine." She said as she put her head back down. "Harold call?" I asked. Her face dropped into the pillow. She was bawling. "Oh sweetie..." I said aiding to her side. "He isn't coming back is he, Avery?" Her words were so dull. So hurtful. "I...I don't know.." I said pausing.. She lifted her head up. It's been awhile since she's seen him. Ever since that night I stayed at Harry's she hasn't seen him. Was the being a whole father thing too much pressure for him? Having a kid? Were the rumors true? His reputation was showing. The truth to this is all coming out.

  I sat at the end of her bed. "Caelyn." I said calmly. She looked up. "Do you think that all those things are true about him. You know, the he takes a girl, has sex with her, and then leaves her alone?" Her face was filled with anger. "Don't you ever say that! He had sex with me multiple times before! He didn't leave me then! And he isn't leaving me now! He's coming back! I know he is!" She curled back into her ball. "Just leave me alone." She hissed. I walked out of the room closing the door. She needs him. She needs him by her side. Every step of the way.


    "I better get going! I love you, baby!" I leaned in and gave him a kiss. "Night." I got out of the car and walked to the door. I walked inside. "Home." I said throwing my coat to the ground. I walked up the stairs. "Caelyn?" I walked into her bedroom. Her bed was made. Her pile of clothes were hung up. Everything was clean and neat. Spik and span. "Caelyn?!" I walked into the bathroom. She wasn't in there. I started to panic. I ran into my bedroom, she wasn't in there either. "Caelyn!" I grabbed my phone and dialed her number. "C'mon. Caelyn, pick up." It rang once, twice, and three times. I called her again. It rang once, twice, and three times. I called her again, and again. But no answer. 

     I went back upstairs and sat on my bed. I held the phone close to my heart and waited for her to call back. I felt like her. All this time she's been worried sick about where Harold was. And now I'm worried sick about where she went. I'm holding the phone close to my heart, like she did. I was curled up into a ball, like she was. I had no clue where she was. No note. No text. No call. Nothing. Just waiting. Waiting for a text. Waiting for a call. Just, waiting and hoping she'll come back...


    I woke up to the sound of the door opening. I rubbed my eyes, and checked my phone. No calls. Texts. Nothing. I got up and walked out of my bedroom door. I walked down the stairs. "Caelyn?" I came closer. She turned around, and hugged me. Tightly. She was sobbing. Her breathing was heavy. "Honey. Calm down and tell me what's wrong." She sat on the couch and shoved her face into a pillow. She wouldn't speak to me. She just kept crying. I sat beside her. "Stop crying and tell me what's wrong." She sniffled and stopped crying.

   "I've been lied to this whole time. This whole time. Throughout our relationship. All of it. Lies!'' Her words were sincere, true pain. "What do you mean?" I asked. "He lied. He played me. You were right. About everything." Did she go looking for him? Did she find him with another girl? What happened? "Did he cheat?" I asked. "You wouldn't understand..." She got up from the couch, and walked up stairs. I trailed right behind her. She walked into her room and slammed the door. "Leave me alone. Just leave me alone." I walked into my room and crawled into my bed. I want to help her, but she has built her wall, even higher than before. Harold broke it, and she's fixing it.


    I turned on the news and fixed some breakfast. Caelyn walked down the stairs. "Bacon?" She said with a smile. She seemed better. "Just for my bestest friend!" I said giving her a squeeze. She sat on the couch and watched t.v,. I handed her, her plate of food. Her stomach was big. Bigger than before. I sat next to her. "Have you seen my phone?" She asked. "You took it up stairs last night." I said. "Oh ya. It's on my bed. I'll get it." I stopped her. "I'll get it." I set my plate down, and walked upstairs. Her phone was sitting on her bed. 7 missed calls. 15 texts. All from the same person. Harold was now just getting a hole of her?

   "Harold!" I heard Caelyn yell. I ran down the stairs. She was in his arms. His hands pushed back her hair, and he gently kissed her. "I'm sorry I left. I had to get my head together. I wasn't ready to be a father. But now..Now I am!" She wouldn't let go of him. She was so happy. "It's fine! I forgive you!" She said. He kissed her again. "I won't ever leave again!" He said. "Promise?" Tears were running down her face. "Baby, don't cry.." He said. "Promise?" She repeated. "I promise!" He said. I was happy for her. I was happy he was back. Back into her life. Doesn't she get it though. His reputation is off the charts. Once the baby is born, he's out of the picture. The so called ''promise'', is another one of his scams. He's going to leave her again.



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