The Styles' Brothers

Avery isn't known to the London community, but she is a very out there person, who is partying it up with her friend Caelyn. But one of her friends, Lily, decides to set them up with the Styles' Twins, and it becomes a whole other game.
The twins are known for trouble, which everyone says. But the girls find them very down to heart and they can protect their own. Once the girls get attached, they feel and get close to them.


4. Knowing Him More

        "Avery!" I heard Caelyn yell. I woke up, to an empty spot where Harry should've been. I threw on some clothes and ran downstairs. Caelyn had a smile on her face. A smiling that was rising up to her cheeks, that almost looked like her face was about to rip apart. She looked behind me. I turned my head around to see Harry. He planted his arms around waist. I let out a sigh in relief that he didn't leave me.

       "Harold and I are leaving!" she said. I creased my eyebrows together.

       "Leaving? What the hell do you mean leaving?" I asked.

        "Like, leaving this flat. We're going somewhere else." she said.

       "It better not be his flat. You just met him Caelyn!" I said. She shook her head.

       "It's not like that. I told Harold I wasn't that kind of girl. He understood." She said. I shook my head. This is a bad idea. She isn't leaving me alone here either.

       "Oh come on Avery! You have Harry, you won't be alone!" She said

       "No! That's exactly my point. I don't want to be alone with him all the time. Plus, you know I don't do good being alone!" I said. It's every time I watch a scary movie, I get this phobia. I will hear things or see things. Yeah, it's pretty stupid.

      "Well..oh! Have Harry come over! He can stay until I get home!" She said putting on a smile.

      "No! No! That is not going to happen! No!" I shouted Caelyn rolled her eyes. I mean, yeah. I let Harry score last night. But, I didn't know what I was thinking. It was the alcohol taking over. That or I just let him take advantage. But, either way I'm not staying with him. Especially if he tries to pull another stunt.

      "Well what are you going to do? Stay with a bunch of drunks? Or go home and be freaked out all the time?" She said with a stern voice. I rubbed my forehead. I looked over at Harry, who was smiling, and Harold just standing next to Caelyn. I had no choice. Caelyn was happy. I knew I was going to regret this.


      I walked inside the flat with Harry waddling behind me. I set the keys on the table and walked into the living room. I picked up the remote and turned on the tele. Harry plumped his body onto the couch. I sat down curling up into a ball. Harry was looking around, "I thought you would've seen most of the house last night!" I giggled. "No, I was focusing on a beautiful girl!" He said smirking. "I'm only beautiful because I let you inside me!" I said. He laughed and then got all serious. "No! Not funny!" He said. He climbed on top of me. He started to smile showing off his dimples. "It was funny!" I said giggling. "You have a beautiful smile." He said. I turned red. "Oh stop it!" I said. He slowly undid himself and sat back in his spot. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. "Tell me about yourself!" I said giggling. I like Harry but, I don't love Harry. I can fall for a guy, but it doesn't mean I love him. I guess, I just want to get to know him better.

    "Do you have any other siblings?" I asked him, looking down at my fingers. I heard Harry laugh a little. I rolled my eyes.

    "I have a sister. Gemma." He said. I nodded my head.

    "How about you?" He asked.

     "I have three brothers. 11, 16, and 26. The oldest one Michael, he is in the army. The other two, Chris and Tony, they live with my dad." I said.

    "What about your mum?" He asked me. I took out a long deep sigh. His eyes were plastered on me.

    "She died last year..." I said, looking back down. My mom was a great mother. She got into drugs and started doing things she shouldn't have. She didn't tear the family apart, she just left a gap in it after she had an overdose. She wasn't bad. She was a good mom. Her life was fucked up.

    "Sorry to hear about that.." He said lowering his head.

     "It's fine. I live through it." I said.

     "Why couldn't you've stayed here by yourself?" He asked. I looked up at him.

      "I'd rather not say. But long story short, I just can't handle it. It's more like a phobia! I know, you think it's silly, or weird!" I said letting out a smile.

       "No. No. No, not at all." He said.  I turned to look at him. He cracked a smile. I creased my eyebrows and shook my head.

       "There you go again! Do you always do that?" I asked. Harry let out a laugh.

       "Only if it's a girl I really like. I don't normally do this with girls." He said. I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

        "Yeah. Because usually you are boning them!" I said with a little giggle at the end.

         "I have a confession.." He said. I suddenly got interested.

         "Those rumors aren't true. I'm not a bad guy. I'm not trouble. I don't bone a girl every night or day or month. I've only had sex with four girls in my entire life. You were my fourth. It's my appearance that throws people off. Most girl try to get laid by me. But I don't do it. I dress like I'm trouble.." He said tilting his head up.

         "Why do you play hard to get?" He asked me. I smiled.

          "Because, I got out of a relationship a couple months ago. He cheated. He played me. I don't want that to happen again. Nobody was there for me, and I fell apart. I don't want to go down that road again." I said cracking a smile at the end of my sentence

         "Avery! I won't cheat! Give me a chance!" He said. He was so sweet and kind. I got up from the couch, and went upstairs to get into my pajamas. He followed. "You could at least give me some privacy while I undress." I said smirking. "I practically undressed you last night!" He said. I gave him the bird. "Fuck you!" I said as I rolled my eyes. I heard him laugh a little and back up from the door. I slammed the door just and continued with my changing.


        Moments later, I walked into my bedroom and laid down in my bed. My alarm clock said it was almost midnight. I turned around to see Harry standing in the doorway. "Yes?" I asked him. He laid down in the bed right beside me. His arms went around my waist. It was pitch black in my room, so I couldn't see Harry. I didn't want to fall asleep.

        "So, I heard you like to sing?!" I said

        "Yeah. I actually love it!" He said, tiredly.

         "Why did you stop?" I asked him.

          "I don't know. I guess I wanted something more than singing. But it wasn't a big deal." He said.  I wonder who ended his dream of singing. Harold use to sing with Harry also. There is something Harry isn't telling me. Like I said behind those sparkling green eyes, are filled with secrets.  And it's probably in Harold's eyes too...

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