The Styles' Brothers

Avery isn't known to the London community, but she is a very out there person, who is partying it up with her friend Caelyn. But one of her friends, Lily, decides to set them up with the Styles' Twins, and it becomes a whole other game.
The twins are known for trouble, which everyone says. But the girls find them very down to heart and they can protect their own. Once the girls get attached, they feel and get close to them.


1. Getting Hooked Up

        What was I thinking? Why the hell was I in this flat, filled with people I didn't even know? Well, except for Caelyn and Lily. Caelyn went to get some beers, and Lily was out and about, hanging with all kinds of people.  At least she was having a great time. It was Lily's Idea to come here. She knew this lad named Jake. He was turning 21 and he wanted to celebrate getting out of his parents' home. I guess his idea of fun was getting laid, getting drunk, and trashing his own flat. I talked to him for awhile, until he said, 'shhh', and walked away. What an asshole! I swear if it wasn't his party,I'd be beating the shit out of him already! I walked back over to Caelyn, "Here you go!" She said. She handed me the beer, "You liking the party so far?" I asked, "Not really.." We chit-chatted for awhile, and downed our alcohol. Caelyn wasn't even drunk, and then here I am. The girl who has downed to bottles of beer, and a couple shots of Ciroc! I didn't want to get all sloppy at the party. It's all about seeing how classy you are when you drink. But I guess I'm not the smart of situation.

        I finished the last bit of my third beer and held it in my hand. What was taking Caelyn so long? How long does it take to grab another beer? I walked toward the bar, trying to keep my balance. I pushed a number of people out of my way. Some were drunk out of their minds, others were dancing like damn idiots.  I started calling out Caelyn's name. The louder I called her name, the louder the noise became.  When I finally reached the bar, I slammed by beer on the counter, and belched. "Excuse you!" Said some twig bitch standing next to me, "Please!" I said putting a hand up to her face. I rubbed my forehead and yawned. It's time for me to go. I didn't want to be here much longer. I turned to my right to find Lily standing next to me. "Come with me Avery. I want you to meet someone" She grabbed my wrist, and pulled. I was still a little unbalanced walking, but I was still able to keep up with her. We kept stumbling over people, We had to push some out of the way. I began to trip over my own feet. I didn't even know I was that drunk. Over four drinks? Maybe six? Fuck!

        I had a clear view of where we were. The den. I looked around and saw to attractive lads. They were the same height, and they almost had the same features. One was in a gray beanie, with curls coming out the end, and the other had just normal curly hair. Lily stood me right next to Caelyn, where I was in front of the one, with the beanie. I tried not to stare. His eyes were a beautiful green. He was gorgeous. I looked at the other one. He had beautiful green eyes too. Then it hit me. They're twins. Dammit! I'm slow.

        "Okay ladies! Caelyn, this is Harold. Harold this is Caelyn!" She grabbed those two and pushed them into a corner. She whispered something to them. I was caught in a stare with the man I was in front of. "Avery, this is Harry. Harry, this is Avery!" She pulled us over into a deserted area. "You two have fun!" She hollered leaving the den. I tried not to look up. I didn't feel like getting hooked up with a total stranger.  Especially when I heard things about the twins. People say they are trouble. That they get into fights. Party hard,and get wild. That they are know to all the girls. Me and Caelyn were the last ones on their list. They want us for sex, and then we are a 'nobody' to them. I didn't want that in my life.

         I looked behind to see Caelyn getting close with that fucker. She was giggling, and having a good time. I turned back to Harry. I looked up to see his green eyes sparkling down on me. Oh shit! My heart began to pound out of my chest! I've never been this nervous around a lad before.

         He cracked a smile, popping out those damn dimples. Those dimples were a major turn on! Dammit! "Tell me again why you are smiling?" I asked trying to break the silence. Damn you Avery! You could've said something else! He just shrugged his shoulder. His smile was still shown and his dimples were getting deeper by the second! Damn! Why in thee hell did he look so damn charming? I couldn't help but look at him! He was a beautiful sight to see! He looked at me again, "Why are you so nervous?" He asked, I shrugged my shoulders, "I don't know?! I haven't been alone with a fine lad for awhile." Damn! I said fine! Wow! Turn him on why don't ya?! I was ready to leave. I was drunk. I felt like crap, and I wanted to forget this by the morning. "Want anything to drink?" He asked so cheekily, "Yeah!" He grabbed my hand, and took me up to the bar.

           "Two melon-balls!" He shouted. We sat down, "Babe, you don't have to be nervous around me! I'm normal you can say.." He said. "How are you normal if your rep is off the charts?" I asked feeling guilty for even saying that. "My behavior isn't normal. Let's just say that. I am a good guy. Don't do anything really.." He said smiling. "Yeah...Other than party and get laid!" I mumbled under my breath. "What?" He said, "Oh nothing.." The man handed us the drinks and we were off. 

            After we downed the drinks, he led me on to the dance floor. I felt his hand go on my waist. Instead of resisting, I started to grind on him! What was I thinking? I was leading him on! I looked up and say Lily, dancing with some fucking freak. "Stop!" She hollered. He had a hold of her hand, trying to lead her upstairs. I walked over to him, "Let her go!" I screamed in his face. He got close to me, "Fuck you!" He yelled in my face. He smelt of whiskey and vodka. I punched him square in the face, causing him to bleed. He grabbed his nose, "Fuck! Ahh! Fuck!" He shouted. Blood was dripping from his nose. Lily rushed over, and hugged me, "Thanks! How's the date?" She asked, "It's not a date!" "Okay.." She walked over to some other guy and started grinding on him, "Slut!" I hollered, she looked over to me, and cracked a smile while flipping me off. I giggled. I rushed back over to Harry. He grabbed my wrist and took me outside. "It's quiet out here..." He said smirking. "Yeah, and cold!" He handed me his jacket. "Here." I smiled, "Thanks!" I giggled. "So, Avery. Tell me about yourself." He said, "You will find out about me yourself." I giggled, throwing him his jacket and running inside. Of course. He ran after me. I screamed as he grabbed me. He turned me around and laid a big one on my lips. I pulled away. I started to get butterflies. I promised myself I wouldn't get attached. That I wouldn't fall in love. I think I just broke that promise. "Uhm.." He said. I just grabbed him and pulled him in for another one. "Cherry?" He asked, "Yes!" He kissed me again, "I like cherry!" He pulled me to a table and we sat down, and actually had a conversation. A couple minutes later I heard Jake yell, "Guys! Party is over! Bye!" At least I got Harry's number, and he had mine. "Call me!" I winked. "I will!" He said blowing me a kiss.

          I found Caelyn and Lily and ran up to them, "How was it girls?" Lily asked wrapping her arms around us, "Just great!" I said giving her a peck on the cheek, "Good!" Caelyn said taking the other cheek for her own lips. "Well! At least you girls had a great time! You should thank me!" Lily said pulling her hair back. I rolled my eyes. It was great that I had a good time with him. But, I think I actually got myself into a mini-relationship. That was the last thing I wanted to happen...


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