The Styles' Brothers

Avery isn't known to the London community, but she is a very out there person, who is partying it up with her friend Caelyn. But one of her friends, Lily, decides to set them up with the Styles' Twins, and it becomes a whole other game.
The twins are known for trouble, which everyone says. But the girls find them very down to heart and they can protect their own. Once the girls get attached, they feel and get close to them.


10. Gaining

    I let out a soft yawn and opened my eyes to see Harry looking at me. His green eyes were sparkling, but his smile fading. He came over and sat on the edge of my bed. "Good morning beautiful." He said smiling. I wiped my eyes and yawned again, "Hi." I said with a rough voice. He smiled. His hands stroked my hair. He laid beside me. "I think it's time for you to get up." He said softly into my ear-I got goosebumps as his voice ran through my body-. I shook my head 'no'. He stood up. "Was that a no?" He said giggling. I quickly threw the blanket over my body. I giggled. He sat on top of me. I threw the blanket over my head. "Ugh, not acceptable!" He said as he grabbed my feet and dragged me off the bed, and onto the floor. "Harry!" I said laughing. "Look who is up!" He said laughing. He was still on top of me. "Well, now that you are up. What would you like for breakfast?" He said will a smile, and a sparkle in his eyes. "Uhmm..." I said making my famous I'm-thinking-face. "Pancakes it is!" He said getting off me. "Okay then!" I said as he picked me up off the ground.

      I trotted down the hall going into Caelyn's room. She was cuddled up into a bawl, with the blankets sprawled out. I smiled and left her room. I walked down the stairs and saw Harry flipping the pancakes into the air and epically failing to make the pancake go back into the pan. I giggled as it hit the floor, "Bravo, to an amazing cook!" I said giving him a kiss. He smiled. "I try."


   "Hurry up Avery!" Caelyn yelled from down the stairs. I grabbed my phone and ran down. "Sorry." I said. "I'm ten minutes late." She said with a sigh. "I'm so excited!" I said as we got into the car. "I hope it is a girl." She said holding her huge stomach. "When are you due?" I asked her with excitement. "Next month." She said smiling. "Today we find out if it is a girl or boy right?" I asked her. "Yes."

    I started the car a pulled out of the drive way, "Is Harold excited?" I asked her. "Very, he has two weeks off and then the week I go into labor he has off." She smiled. "Does he have a good job? Why hasn't he been around." I asked her. I didn't want Harold leave her and never come back. I mean I haven't seen him for awhile. "Yeah, he has came back. He has a good job." She creased her eyebrows. "Avery, he isn't going to leave me. I promise you that." She said smiling.

   We pulled into the Doctor's office. I grabbed her thigh, "You ready for the ultrasound?" I said with excitement. "Yes! I'm nervous!" She said smiling. "C'mon, you are already late." I said getting out of the car. We walked inside, and went up to the desk. "Hi, may I help you?" Said the woman behind the counter. "Caelyn Rhodes." The woman flipped through the papers. "Uhmm, found you. Follow me." Caelyn smiled real bright and we followed the woman down the hall. "Right in here." Said the woman. I sat in the chair and Caelyn sat on the other chair. "Dr. Khuel will be in soon." Said the woman. Caelyn laid back. "Avery, I'm so nervous right now." She said holding her stomach. "You will be fine." We sat in silence for awhile until the doctor came in. "Hi, I'm Dr. Khuel, and you must be Caelyn!" He said shaking her hand. He looked at me, "Are you here partner?" He said raising an eyebrow. "No, just a friend." I said smiling. He had dark hair, a light skin tone, and blue eyes. Very handsome. "My mistake." He said with a smile. "Caelyn can you lay back for me." He said with a smile. Caelyn laid back and sighed. "Lift up your shirt." She lifted up her shirt and tucked it underneath her bra. He pulled out a gel and turned on a t.v. "This will be cold for a minute." He rubbed the gel on her stomach and took out what he called a 'sonography'. "What is that?" I asked. "Well, when I move this across her stomach I can pick up waves leading to the baby, and then the baby will appear on the screen." I felt dumb for even asking. I watched the t.v. and saw a baby's hand. Tears were streaming down Caelyn's face. "You are having a baby girl." He said. Caelyn started bawling when the whole body appeared on screen.


    I threw my tired body onto my bed, and starred up at the ceiling. I closed my eyes, but opened them again when my phone went off.


    Hey babe, I don't think I'll be home tonight. I have to work another hour. I love you, sweet dreams baby. I'll be over tomorrow morning, I love you Avery.

   I set my phone on the floor and closed my eyes. If I can't see him tonight, I can see him when I sleep. I told myself as I drifted off.


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