The Styles' Brothers

Avery isn't known to the London community, but she is a very out there person, who is partying it up with her friend Caelyn. But one of her friends, Lily, decides to set them up with the Styles' Twins, and it becomes a whole other game.
The twins are known for trouble, which everyone says. But the girls find them very down to heart and they can protect their own. Once the girls get attached, they feel and get close to them.


5. Falling For Him

      "Wake up! Wake up! Wake the hell up! You have work in thirty minutes!" I heard Caelyn nag. I turned to my side, "Where is Harry?" His spot was cold, and nobody was there. "He left when I got here." She winked.

      She sat at the corner of the bed and stared at me, "Have you guys? You know..Got it on!" I laughed and threw a pillow at her, "I will not tell you! It's my life!" I thought Harry would've left, after I fell asleep last night. It was sweet that he stayed. But so awkward with Caelyn asking me about my sex life.
      "Hurry your ass up!" I heard her leave the room. I threw on my work clothes and put my hair in a bun. I fixed my make-up and walked down stairs. "Finally!" I heard Caelyn say. "I'm going somewhere right after work, so find a ride!" She said. I flipped her off, and got my things. On the drive there I was thinking about Harry. I was actually getting feelings for this guy. I barely knew him, well...kinda. But I'm already getting feelings. I'm falling...hard..


      "Thanks for shopping at Rue! Have a nice day," I said handing the lady her bag of clothes. She nodded her head and walked the front entrance. Caelyn walks up the counter leaning up against it, smearing more dark red lipstick on her lips.  I creased my eyebrows.

     "Nice dark shade, Caelyn!" I said. She looked up and cracked a smile.

     "Thanks love! It like is my men!" She said putting her lipstick into her purse.  I turned back around to see Caelyn texting her heart out. I tried looking at her screen, but everybody knows I'm not a sneaky person. I looked behind her shoulder, she was texting Harold. I should've known!

     I rolled my eyes and took off my eyes off her screen. I've been wondering how her and Harold had been doing. She had told me that she wasn't the kind of person that just had sex with someone she had just met. But, I knew that was a lie. Because Caelyn would have sex with anyone, and I mean anyone. She's like a cheese-tray at parties. Because she gets passed around. But, I think Harold might have been the one to keep her in place. He settled her down.

     "Okay babes. What do you think of the lads?" Lily asked coming out of the dressing rooms. Caelyn sat her phone down and smiled. "Harold's amazing!" She said biting her lips. Lily smirked. "Have you?" She winked. "No! I mean last night was great. We watched scary movies. We kissed, but that's all that happened. We are going out for dinner tonight!" A smile a rose across her face.

     "How about you Avery?" She asked. I kinda just looked at her and looked back down. " I guess we are okay. I mean we aren't officially a couple. I mean kinda. I guess that I don't really know. Yeah we hangout and go to each others houses. We have had sex. I guess we are friends with benefits." I said. Lily clapped her hands cheerfully and jumped up and down. "Caelyn, why don't you have a double date. You and Harold. Avery and Harry?" She asked. Caelyn shook her head 'yes'. "It would be fun. Av. Please come!" She said. I smiled. "No." "Please babes. For me." She did the puppy face. I hate it when she does that. "Fine."

      How turned back to the register and helped the young man. I didn't look up to see him, but I recognized his voice. "These are womens clothing, sir." I said. "Yeah I'd like to get my lady something special!" Lily and Caelyn were giggling, and I didn't know why. I handed him the bag and his change.

       "Why were you guys giggling?" I asked. They knocked the smiles off their face. "Oh no reason." They instantly got back to work. I stood at the register waiting for my lunch break. Harry walked in, "I'm here to take my lady to lunch." He walked around the counter and picked me up. "It's n-" "C'mon." He walked me out of the store and set me down. He was fixing his hair and I kept walking. He took me back into the restaurant we ate at awhile ago.


     "So are we dating?" I asked turning red. "If you wan to." He said smiling. His hand went over mine. "Well, Caelyn wanted to have a double-date to-" "I'll go." He leaned across the both and gave me a peck on the cheek. I blushed. "I love you Avery. I know you probably don't love me bu-" I stopped him mid-sentence. "I love you too Harry." I said smiling. He laughed. "Good." I giggled. I didn't like the fact that I was probably becoming another one of Harry's whores. But I really liked him. So I guess it was worth it. I just hope he keeps me. I would be devastated if he left me.

     "Avery?" He said looking into my eyes. "Yea?" I  asked him. "Will you be my girlfriend?' He asked. I smiled. "Yes!" His hand slid on my face. He laid one on my lips. "Wait.." I said pulling away. "You can't just leave me when you get tired of me. You can't get tired of me. I'm not a sex slave or a sex doll, so you can't use me for sex. I'm your girlfriend. I love you! Now promise that you won't use me or leave me?" I asked him. "I promise." He held out his pinky and I crossed mine. He pulled me in to finish the kiss. "Forever and always." He said winking.

    Forever was a pretty strong word. So was always. I will be with him, but I'm pretty sure we'll go our separate ways pretty soon.


      I got out of his car. "So I'll see you tonight at eight?" He asked. "Yeah, I guess." I stuck my head in the window and gave him a kiss. "Bye, see you tonight." "Love you!" I said as I walked into my flat. I guess this kid would be the death of me...I can't believe I'm falling for him.

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