Bloody Fairytale

SSTA or Super Stars Teen Agency. A spy agency of teen super star agents.

Alice. She live's in Wonderland, always daydreaming. She's our code breaker, plan builder and murderess. She's the crew's brain.

Cinderella. She's the fashion designer. She makes our costumes, in wich we can hide our weapons and poisons.

Tinker Bell, who's always flying everywhere. She always knows the enemies plans and can fix and create anything on her mind.

Snow White. She has the forbidden fruit as her logo. She takes care of creating the poisons.

Ariel, our explorer. She helps Alice with the code breaking and she always goes to the missions first to inspect the area and find the clues.

And this is our main band: Bloody Fairytale.


1. Chapter 01

A/N: Hi guys. This is my first story and i'm Brazilian so if you find any error that's the reason. Hope you like it.




Snow White's POV

Wait, wait, wait!!! My name is Clara, not Snow White!! C. L .A. R. A!!!! You can change it NOW!!!


Clara’s POV

So much better now!

Ok, what am I supposed to do now? Oh, right! I remembered. Let’s start the story.

I was training with Leticia (Ariel) when something (and with something I mean Pearl) came into the gym saying that Howard wanted talk to us.

We followed Pearl (Tinker Bell) to Howard’s officer. He’s our boss at the SSTA and our businessman. And if he wanted talk to us it might be neither great news or bad ones.

When we arrived at the officer, we found Malu (Cinderella) and Alice (she’s lucky, she doesn’t has a nickname in the band) singing like crazy while Howard was looking at them like he was having fun.

When Pearl saw that scene she started getting red.

Pearl it’s super jealous about her friends. Specially when it comes to Alice. She’s like Pearl’s best friend in the band, they’re always together. Well… At least, Pearl wishes it was like that.

Ok, everyone noticed that I don’t like Pearl very much, right? But she thinks the same about me so you don’t have to worry.

Pearl walked to where Alice and Maria Luisa were and pulled Malu out from the sofa. Luck of hers Pearl didn’t do worst.

Howard nodded his head while Pearl hugged Alice and she rolled her eyes laughing of her friend, being followed by all the girls in the room, even me and Malu.

“Oh right! Tink is next to Alice, Snow is nest to Ariel and Cindy is alone. Now that everything it’s in the right place, can you all listen to me?!?!” Howard said calmly, although we all know he was mad at us. So we sat down under his disapproving look “Fine! You’re listening to me, it’s a miracle!!” he gave us a sarcastic smile while we were looking at him angry “So… let’s talk about business” he kept the annoying smile.

“If it’s about another mission, I’m not going! The last time I did, I hadn’t slept for a week! And sleeping is such an important thing to me.”

“Although I would love to see you without your beauty sleep, Cindy, it’s not because of a mission I called you here.”

“So why did you called us here?” L was starting to get impatient.

“Because of a new featuring with Bloody Fairytale”

After his words we started screaming imagining with whom we would sing with.

“Is it with Taylor? Please tell me it’s with Taylor!” I started screaming and jumping in front of Howard. Yeah, I was having a heart attack, but don’t worry, it happens all the time with swifties.

“No!!! It’ll be LMFAO!!!” shout Pearl

“Nooooo! It has to be One Direction!” screamed Malu and then started crying. Yes, she’s a directioner.

“Please girls, everyone knows it’ll be Green Day” Alice is our Idiot – and for those who don’t know, idiots are how Green Day’s fans are called.

“CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!!!!” now was Leticia’s time for fangirling.

“Shut up!” Howard screamed

“OMG! It’s Simple Plan” Alice started jumping and making a ridiculous dance.

“What the hell…”

“Now it’s Avril Lavigne?” asked Pearl pretending to be confused. And that was when we understood.


“Pitbull?!?!?!” Alice opened a giant smile

“Hey, you…”

“Nicki Minaj?!?!?!” Let and Alice screamed


“I don’t know this song” said Malu

“Me neither” Let said looking confused like she was trying to remember the song called like that.

“It’s not a very famous song, and neither is the band” we looked curiously at Howard while he spoke.

“What band is it? Lice or Leticia might know them” Pearl said and I still don’t know why she loves calling Alice by Lice.

“I don’t know this song” L nodded her head hardly.

“Me neither” Alice said while she was still trying to remember if she really knows a song called ‘Stop!’

“I said they aren’t very famous. Now I must say that your featuring will be with a boyband” while Malu started smiling, the other girls and I groaned in disagree “No, Maria Luisa, it isn’t One Direction!” she looked at him angrily while he continued “You’ll meet them tomorrow at their studio. Now you can go back to your training”

We stood up and kind of ran away out of Howard’s officer. And Leticia and I went back to our compartment, and I think Malu, Alice and Pearl did the same.

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