Heart Breaker, dream maker (louis' babe)

Im Olivia rose and this is my story


2. Chapter Two

Olivia's P.O.V.

       I grabbed my books and walked my way to class, I walked in and made my way to the back of the room and slid into the seat. I opened my bag and pulled out my notebook and pen. I watched other kids file in as the bell rang. Mrs.Wheatbox walked and set her bag on her desk and pulled out her book "Alright class, get out your books and flip to a clean sheet of paper for some notes. In the middle of the class the door opened and strolled in Louis and Harry. To my luck the only seats that where open where one behind and besides me, I mentally groaned at why I didn't decide to sit in front.


   I zoned out her talking and was lost in my own thoughts, I gasped when I felt a poke to my side and quickly turned to see who had just poked me, " ticklish love?" Louis smirked at me, "No" I said quickly knowing that it was a total lie. "Sure.." he said his eyes traveling down my body and back up to my face. I shifted in my seat and looked at him, " What did you want?" I asked, " What's your name?" he smiled, "Olivia" I stated, "Olivia pretty name for a pretty girl," He smiled "The names Lou-" I cut him off "Louis."  He smiled at me " how do you know that love?" he said and glanced at harry who was starring at some blond bimbo sitting next to him...ugh guys... "I think everyone know your name, pretty much every girl talks about you" I turned away looking back out the window. I shivered when he whispered in my ear "Does that include you?" I turned around and opened my mouth about to say no to him but the bell rang signaling the class was over. I sighed collected my books and shoved them into my bag. I walked out of the class but first being handed homework about what was taught today. fucking Louis he distracted me and now I have no clue what this is about.


   I shuffled my way to my next class and sat in my normal seat when Skylar came bounding through the door and up to my seat "Olive there is a fight you have to see this" I was about to decline when she pulled me out of my seat and drug me out the door. We walked down a few corridors and made it to double doors to the outside where there was a group of people gathered around cheering who was ever fighting on. She pulled me through the crowd to the front. There I saw a brown mop of curls and and short hair beating the shit out of each other. Instantly knew who it was, Louis and Harry, "What the hell man you know I like her why would you say that!" Louis yelled at Harry, "She's single, she's not yours I can say the hell I want" and charged at Louis. "I DEMAND YOU TO BOYS TO STOP NOW' Mrs. Wheatbox rushed over along with other teachers. The teachers pulled them apart and started to walk towards the door. Louis glanced around until his eyes landed on me. he smirked and was pushed inside. Well then. 




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