Heart Breaker, dream maker (louis' babe)

Im Olivia rose and this is my story


1. Chapter One


I woke up to the sound of beeping, groaning I rolled over and turned off my alarms clock. I sat up stretching and yawning, I pulled my covers off and padded my way to the bathroom. I stripped down and got into the shower. After I had washed all the dirt that I had managed to collect yesterday I got out and wrapped my wet body in a towel and made my way back to my room, I opened my closet and decided on what to wear. I pulled out a higher waisted black skirt with a floral tight fitting crop top, I placed those on my bed and went over too my dresser getting out a bra and panties. I slipped those on and made my way back to my bed, slipping on the skirt and putting on the top I walked over to my mirror. "Damn" I said aloud and sat down in a chair to start my make up. I decided to go with a winged eyeliner and mascara and a nude lip gloss, I plugged in my flat iron and waited for it to heat up, at that time I got up and grabbed a pair of pink Vans and a pair of socks, I slipped on the socks and made my way back to my flat iron. I sprayed my hair with protectant, nobody wants nasty fried hair, I brushed through my wavy brown hair and grabbed the iron and started to straighten my hair. I turned off my iron and unplugged it from the wall and set it down on the case it came in, I walked over to my bed putting on my shoes and checking the time 7:20, I grabbed my phone and collected my homework from my desk and put it into my book bag.

I walked out of my room and down the stairs into the kitchen, where my mum and dad where sitting sitting reading the newspaper. "Good morning sunshine" my mother said as I walked through the door, I bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek not forgetting to say good morning. Waking over to the counter I grabbed a bowl and some cereal, I poured the cereal and set it on the table, I turned around grabbing the milk from the fridge and pouring it into the bowl. I heard something jump and then my mothers voice saying get down, I turned around seeing my cat, Binx, trying to get to my cereal. I quickly grabbed my spoon and made my way to the table grabbing Binx, giving him a kiss, and setting him down on the floor. I sat down and started to eat my cereal, just then my sister walks in holding her cat like a baby, I rolled my eyes and continued eating. I put my bowl in the sink and went to go brush my teeth, I checked the time , 7:39, and grabbed my book bag and phone and walked out the door not forgetting to say goodbye.

My school was at least 10 minutes away from my house so I won't be late when I get there. I made my way to the entrance to the school, I pulled my school ID out and scanned it, I heard the door unlock and I went to grab the door but a hand beat me too it. I moved my eyes to the person who now held the door open. Louis. I thanked him and walked through the door almost getting knocked over my my best friends. "OLIVE!"screamed Skylar, my other half, " your here, I thought you died" she said to me I laughed and said hello to my other friends and walked to my locker

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